Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Video 72: The Event (A MUST WATCH!!!)

Please watch in YouTube mode and read all the comments. The comments are very helpful too. So many very clever and informed people on here.

As for Q Anon, I get a very strong intuitive feeling of yet an other fake truther like Julian Assange. So do be very careful here. Like I always say this is a planet of lies. 

I tend to avoid many websites these days because there is so much disinformation out there. I go within, to find my answers. I find it works well for me.
Humans are programmed only to go so far then hit the wall so to speak. Very few can break the God spell as it is termed. Even there, New Agers and those that follow the Spiritual movement are still working from the controlled matrix. They will not be able to break free if they do not start now to question their beliefs and think outside the box.

That is very sad and quite distressing because like most of us, they are trying to be better people.
Sadly because of the programming they cannot break the God spell.

The basic rule of the thumb is trust nothing on this earth, it is a matrix controlled programming, and for some reason only a few are able to break out of the programming. Please try to be one of those people. Your very soul and your freedom are depending on that and you will not get an other chance here on earth. 

I do not wish to come across as a gloom and doom merchant, however the situation is very dire right now. If you are already reading this blog regular and reading Wes Penre, Cameron Day, John L Lash  articles etc then you are awake and know what to do. You do not need any one to help you, just be very firm in your intentions. Speak to nothing/ no one as you leave this life and get out through the holes in the grid. Even then keep your guard up.

Pay no attention to all the rubbish of ascension and living in other dimensions it is still part of the control system.  Anyone that tries to tell you otherwise, keep right away from because they are ill informed or part of the control system.

What ever you hear in the media about whistle-blowers such as Julian Assange is fake news  designed to keep you hooked. The man  Assange is a Freemason and owned by the system. You will find most truth seeker websites are very much disinfo agents. I have been through many of them and I have no time for them now. Sure they feed you some truth but peppered with lies to keep you under control.