Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Why Western Christianity has a death wish

Perhaps it is also because many people have broken the God-Spell, I know I have. I am spiritually awake and will have nothing to do with the evil control system. Did you know the concept of God is coded into our DNA? No, it is not supposed to be there, Humanities DNA has been hijacked thousands of years ago by a parasitical narcissistic alien race. This is their doing to keep us trapped here in the swamp or sewer for them to control via the artificial frequencies we are locked into.

Many researchers are finally jumping on the band wagon to write about the fact. Not many of them are actually psychic and able to see these beings. Thankfully I can and do see these entities. I sure as hell do not tolerate them.

Organized religion has a vested interest in keeping the control system going, because they are the human minions ( if you can call them human) of these beings, but only those at the very top are fully aware and will die to preserve this truth. But look no further than the bible, religious documents and art work for the clues.  The author of the article is trying to make sure that you the reader stays in line and does not question the control system. No friend of humanity then is he? A shill for hire by god incorporated.

The control system is changing whether the minions like it or not! This is multi leveled and if you like time controlled situation. Now when I say time, think broad term. Linear time is not real it is an illusion. Think of astrological cycles and you are nearer to the mark.

One reason for this bilge called Christianity failing is also the sickening amount of child abuse that is going on. They lack of compassion for the victims and trying to shut the victims up. Jesuits hidden in important public jobs from politics to journalism, the police force, law makers, etc are trying to put the freighters on people to stand by this filth and abomination. Only the brain washed or a morally and truly spiritually bankrupt soul will stand by such a faith.

There is no such thing as religion in the "spirit world" either and I have had many clients loved ones in spirit say this over the years. But that spirit world that we interact with is nothing more that a high tech Faraday cage. These poor misguided souls have no idea of this because they have never been told the truth. Now outside of this controlled spirit world lies a supposed multiverse and the true spiritual freedom. None of humanity have been there, or at least have come back to tell us what is really there. Because if they do they could well be trapped again in this artificial creation.

Remember the "As above so is below" phrase? Well it is in all things both physical and non physical and the sooner humanity understands this very evil deceptions the better. You will never be free of anything otherwise. Most importantly your soul will never be free. In reality our souls have been kept trapped for  thousands or in some cases millions of years, and only a small percentage of human and non human souls will make it to some form of freedom. Memories intact if they avoid going into the light, which is the soul trap or Faraday cage, and that is only because at this point in human existence some have managed to awaken and break the God-Spell illusion and are exiting the matrix.

This is the most vital part of their awakened souls existence, if they can safely exit the matrix. But what if there is a matrix within a matrix? One must think very carefully if that is indeed the case and trust no one.

Some people are talking about our true spiritual home being in the Orion constellation. Me, I am cautious about accepting that. It comes from channeled beings and  as I have said in other posts, do not trust that what you cannot see. Even if you can see it there are shape shifting beings out there in the universe and multiverse. The reptilian beings are one of the most common type of shape-shifting beings.

Yes, I know you have heard David Icke bang on about Reptilians. I am not a fan of his and never will be. I work through my own experiences and reading many books on the subject dating back to the early 1900's  plus ancient information that was passed down from the likes of Plato etc.

What to do out in the void? Your guess is as good as mine. But trust nothing because like I said there is so much illusion and deception just like here on earth in the 3rd dimension.  You and I will have to rely on intuition and common sense.

Getting back to this article though, please remember, while on earth trust nothing here that comes from religion, the government, MSM or corporations because they are all part of the same evil control system. It is multi layered and the grip is very powerful. Make no mistake, this is about keeping humanity in a state of fear, control and suffering. Your emotions (energy in motion) are to be fed from to keep the evil in power alive.  It's your call though, how much are you willing to sacrifice your self (soul) for?

You ain't getting off this planet if you accept this bunkum called religion nor with the incoming  AI take over, unless you are awake and determined to get out of here. Add to that some individuals having implants in their bodies including electronic body parts or  reincarnation which will be restricted according to the needs of those in charge. We all have nano particles in our bodies now also which are re writing our DNA. They have been ingested, inhaled, injected  and right now  starting to be activated by 5G. Which will take all of this existence up to a new level of control. This is the ultimate death knell, a soul trapped in a vessel that it will never leave nor awaken. This is a crime against humanity and especially on a soul level. Most people that read my blog and other information on the internet are already awakened souls, and are determined not to suffer the fate of the many.

Those of us that are awake and aware know silence gives these people and or negatively orientated beings who control this world permission to do what they want when they want. If you have been watching developments in China that is a classic example of a controlled world and they are racing Pel Mel in to the AI take over. Do not think for one minute the top people running China will have this technology inserted in to their bodies, no they are not stupid. That is for the public and the leaders are the demi gods that  control all from the cradle to the grave or in the years to come no death just work, work, work.

Notice the ban on religion in China? That will come to the West when the time is right, carefully done in increments. Islam, as we have been repeatedly told by prophets such as Nostradamus will be the last religion. After that there will be no need because the control system will drop religion and move to high tech only. People will be integrated with the technology, that is happening right under our noses too.

I do not want to drone on about this stuff, however it is imperative that people are informed and can make a free will decision. You will not have the Churches, the media, governments or any one with a vested interest in control of humanity speaking out against all of this. Not even Elon Musk. He is playing mind games with people. I would not give him the remote for my TV.

Stay safe my friends and be informed. This is your life and it matters very much as does the real you, your soul. Never compromise on that or your beliefs, they are yours and yours alone.

Much love and respect