Friday, 7 September 2018

New Age Quotes Are Crap

There are so many jumping on the band wagon to tell us what to think and tell us when we are deemed to be thinking negatively. Ask yourself what gives anyone the right to tell you what to think and what to feel.

This is nothing more than programming so avoid this like the plague. There is nothing wrong with good honest emotions ( as reflected in the above meme). We are reacting to something in a way that our emotions are designed to do.
I feel it is very harmful to suppress our emotions  and force ourselves into denial of our feelings.

The New Age movement is controlled at the top by Satanists who want to manipulate you and they are finally being seen for what they are. Why has it taken so long for people to come to this understanding?

Part of the human psychology likes to believe in fairy tales etc to make them feel good, but this mind control game is highly dangerous. It is also designed to subtly get you to give away your personal power and surrender to something that you would not normally do. It is no different to communism how it is designed to program people in order to control them, and yes the same evil people are behind that too. It is not rocket science to work that out.

You do not need anyone validating or invalidating your opinions or emotions. That also includes me, I have no desire to influence anyone. I am only putting things on my blog for you to think about and form your own opinion. Your opinion and feelings matter, do not allow someone to treat you disrespectfully or be dismissive of your feelings, they are yours and are valid.

Did you know the most common New Age comment or spin is the one when a person says to you,     " You are just reacting to the mirror being held up to you, showing you what you are truly like"
That comment is designed to beat you down and is a form of mind control. You will either react in anger as per intention or again with intention in mind, you will feel bad about yourself and start to self criticize. How evil is that!

Do watch the person's face as soon as they make the comment. They are waiting for you to react. This is in no way spiritual or coming with a loving intention in their heart. It is covert narcissism and is deliberate psychological abuse as well as spiritual abuse. Do not make the mistake of thinking otherwise.

I had this said to me a couple times over the years, however I am not a stupid person and I am quite aware of its intention. I promptly put the people straight on the matter. Like all things New Age and "spiritual" everything is learned parrot fashion. I am not a parrot nor a sheep, I do not want any one to fall into line with this indoctrination either. It most certainly not is Spiritual!

Again all beliefs and phrases used are taught parrot fashion are designed to prompt a reaction. People will fall for it hook line and sinker of course because they desperately want to fit in. They do not want to be different or be an outsider deemed unworthy. Hell so be it, I for one will not bow down to this evil nor will I submit to anything, not now not ever.

It is vital to be an individual and stand in your own true spiritual sovereignty and true spiritual divinity. Each individual soul or person is unique, we are not meant to be the same or merge in to one. How on earth do you evolve spiritually if you become one? You don't and can't progress if you be come one with something else.

The true teachings do not ask or mean for you to merge with a godhead that is merging with the demi-urge. That is a fatal mistake because  you as a soul cease to exist after that. This is creating a powerful evil monster that is sucking up all that is good and pure and destroying them.

That is not the correct intention, you are supposed to go on and learn and continue to expand spiritually. How on earth an a soul expand if if merges with something? It can't.