Saturday, 29 September 2018

The Emerald tablets Of Thoth Of Atlantean

Click on the link here and it will take you in to a PDF file of the free eBook.

Hermes three times  magnificent ( three being the important number, as in a spell. Three times for the charm)  What a real egotistical name, is it not.

Please be careful when reading these tablets, it may have a form of NLP that goes in to the sub conscious mind. Such things are not uncommon. Just read this as a learning tool to awaken and not to be fooled by all that seems mystical and cool. If it is deemed mystical then the odds are it is designed to appeal to the ego and control the mind and soul.
Nothing can tarnish that which is pure and clean spiritually. Just my humble opinion folks. Keep it simple, keep it pure, honest and keep it real in life. Simples!