Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Chinese Spying Network In Australia
This is an major embarrassment to Australia and any one else that trades with China. Did you know many Chinese people studying in Australia are spying for China too and only too happy to spy  for China too? I heard that from a Chinese national's mouth. He was a friend and I have the proof saved from messenger  saved to a data stick. He is no longer my friend and he wonders why.

This is an outrage. I am not a political person, however I am not stupid and I am outraged at this on going spying on Australia by a Communist country. They are not and never will be our friends. But get this. While this is going on our Army is taking part in a military exercise in the south China seas with their little spying buddies.

Smile to your face and knife you in the back friendship. Remember their horrendous human rights abuses too. This is no way for a friend to act. The Australian Labor Party have always had strong ties with China, why is that you ask? Simple the ALP is a communist front as is the Green party. They target young and naive  people and rope them in and indoctrinate them. I have observed this in shopping centers near where I live, trolls nothing more than dirty evil trolls. How can an indoctrinated youth see through this? They can't. Now don't think that the other political parties are innocent ( Nationals and Liberals), they are not. It is all about money, money before peoples lives.

The ANU (Australian National University) in Canberra was  in the headlines too for being anti Western culture and has caused a major storm politically just months ago. How long are people supposed to sit back and see our good nation sold to China and our self respect too?

Make no mistake about it China has been spying on us for longer than our government will admit, decades in fact. In the reading I did for Peter Dutton, I said there is a possibility of his office being bugged. Now who do you think would be behind that? Using Australian citizens to commit high treason too of course. OK, so which MP's and Journalist's are traitors to Australia? Its like playing  " Where's Wally/Waldo?"

Communist nations make it their habit to destabilize other non communist nations. Most of the world's manufacturing is there also. Stop and think about that and what that means. Big corporations are involved in the whole thing too. Follow the money trail as they say.

Now it is not rocket science to see what is going to happen in the south China seas, and yes it is building up and it is well stage managed. Did you know China also has Freemasons infesting their country too? International Cabals and Freemasons are all working together to plot the destruction of the West, just take a look around your homeland and what do you see? Destabilization in many  forms, including political correctness and thought crimes. Who invented that? Also how can a communist nation have so many millionaires?

Google if  who invented modern communism. Yes, it was a concept that was around hundreds and even thousand years ago. It is dark, it is evil and it is highly destructive. The men behind  this all were connected to cults.

They were intellectual men, but cults members too, no different to Freemasonry today. This is a long term goal plan, China is playing it's roll just as the equally corrupt leaders of the Western nations are. This is all about the New World order and anyone that is spiritually awake or well informed knows the agenda.

To make this effective, each person is only given the information they need to carry out their roll, they are not told what the other members are doing, for plausible denial.

This is to bring the whole human race under the misery of a one world government.
Think Common purpose in the UK. Think UN agenda 21 and 30 etc.

The buck stops with the people and understanding the difference between the Sovereignty of a person, a nation and a corporate entity. Which is also you and I  in the eyes of our government and big multinational corporations.  They are working with China make no mistake about that. Why else would Australia or any other nation allow China or anyone else for that matter buy up land, farms, assets, utilities and anything else they want?

Just think where did your mobile phone come from? Where are most electronics made these days? CHINA!

So what happens when it comes to Cyber warfare and actual war and you cannot be protected and all our infrastructure comes to a screeching halt, because the Chinese have major stakes or owner ship of  things within your country?

No access to banks, the internet, water,  gas, electricity (some energy companies are in part owned by China, a google search will confirm this) and many other things we take for granted. 

Now  to bring great effect one must get in to the hearts and minds of a nations citizens to see their own government as the enemy too, which is a very old strategy and is used in every nation since the dawn of time.

An other simple way to control the people is divide them, control the food and you own the people. Henry Kissinger stated in 1973, He who controls the food controls the world. He wasn't referring to China though.

Think about that, and remember there is only 3 days in which time a supermarket will run out of food and then the people loose it and turn on each other. Do you think preppers are stupid now?  In some religions it is part of their belief to prep. You will find it common in the US, however if you live in a remote area and including being cut off from town by flood, snow etc then you need to prep. Common sense when you think about that.

When the people of a nation do nothing they become irrelevant, that is the reality in Australia at present. We are irrelevant unless we say NO.

This is of great concern to our security also. I leave this with readers to think for themselves.