Sunday, 9 September 2018

The Serial Provoker

More correctly called an overt narcissist. The solution is shut them down as soon as the open their mouth to start anything. Do not engage them in conversation, do not have anything to do with them.
These are soulless beings and they know full well what they are doing. They are deliberately attacking you to feed form you.  

All you can ever be to a person like this is a food source and slave. Do not be foolish enough to think they will change. They will not and cannot. How can a soulless organic portal be sorry or compassionate. That just does not compute, their survival depends on being a predator no different to a psychopath or an sociopath.

Think of trolls on the internet and there are more and more of both types on earth than ever before. Most people can not even perceive the drop in the vibrational frequencies on earth right now. 
To have so many dysfunctional beings on the planet, the planet's vibrational frequency has to be dropped, in line with the 2nd dimension of demonic beings. Surprised about this? 

Try reading the Wes Penre papers and watching his YouTube posts. I don't need to read and watch to understand even though I do read all his work and YT posts. I see this every day and know exactly what is going on. I have had things happen on a personal level over the past few weeks myself. 
I have also been assisting others in similar circumstances also.

At the end of the day though the individual must step up and keep right away from parasitic bullies. No one can make the target do it, they the target have to man up and help themselves. It is not other peoples position or responsibility to get you the target out of the abusive situation. The target themselves are dragging others into this train wreck and have no right to put this on to others . The target must own the issue and resolve it themselves. To expect others to solve the problem for the target is very selfish. 

I am speaking from experience and have walked away from two women that dragged me in to their Narcissistic relationships. They just expected me to solve their crap for them without lifting a finger. That in itself is abuse and I let them know it. I no longer speak to the individuals. And YES, they are still dealing with the train wrecks. Not my circus and not my monkeys. 

Heed the warning and take the responsible action needed, please do not drag other people into your issues that is selfish. I can tell you from trying to help these women, neither of them expressed any thanks, no,  they felt they were entitled to my help because of who I am and being a fool that helps others in need I obliged until I had had enough of them. But the kicker is when things are happening in my life the silence is deafening.  

Anyone reading my Facebook page over the past 24 hours can see that I have a family and have my own things to deal with. no help either. I man up and get on with it.  Now as I already said the vibrational frequencies are dropping. But You the individual can stop your vibrational frequency high by holding good, loving and honest thoughts and by conducting your self in the best possible behaviour, showing compassion, empathy and love. That does not mean be stupid and let others take advantage of you.

That shows the individual clearly does not truly understand what acting with compassion, love and empathy is about. No where does it mean allow yourself to be a doormat for others. If you allow that abuse then the abusers and takers have no respect for you. They feel self entitled to take from you as if they own you. Please give so serious thought to what I have said.

There are no free rides unless you are foolish and allow it to happen. Good people tend to be the targets for abuse of this nature, the person that is a target of the abuse transfers it to the good person they rope in to help them ( read to do the dirty work because they refuse to). My advice is walk away  from this or the whole lot will come down on you.
Do not ever take ownership of that which does not belong to you.