Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Video 69: Elon Musk's Singularity

People just do not seem to be able to grasp the seriousness of this. Please share this with your friends. This does affect your soul. You will end up like the grays if you cannot grasp this.

Your soul is trapped and unable to grow, in short it will die.

The link above is about a dream which signifies the AI take over. Without a soul you are no longer human. With electronic implants you are no longer human, you are a cyborg. This is happening in our lifetime. I would not wish to become a soulless organic portal with no compassion or empathy.
This is were it gets real evil, putting a chip in the brain that can wipe out thoughts and memories. Anything can and will be down loaded to you instead and you have no control over this.

Now just think for a moment, just imagine a crime has been committed and that 'Borg' that used to be a human being is needed to give evidence to the police or a court.  What if someone wiped the memory (evidence) and replaced it with something completely different?

There is a very high risk of this being done with crime in high places. Just look at government cover ups and whistle blowers. That would be eliminated at the touch of a keyboard.

Any one that thinks Elon Musk is a good guy needs a reality check and should not be allowed out doors without a responsible adult to supervise them. The same deal goes with the other guy Michio Kaku. Let these guys be Borged and see how they like it. I can tell you now there is no way in hell they will do it. The are not stupid and they know full well what they are doing.

Update below, 21 September 2018