Monday, 5 February 2018

The Gift And Power Of Emotional Courge, Susan David

There is nothing wrong with honest emotions and feelings, anyone that tells you otherwise has an agenda. I find this attitude prevalent in the new age movement and faux spirituality.  It is deemed un spiritual to express anger, distress  or to say what we really feel.

Some people hold the false belief that you are "allowing negativity" into your body. Sometimes people use words like, " you choose to have negative thoughts", and "you cannot ascend if you hold negative thoughts and emotions", to put the guilt trip on us. Denying anything that is deemed negative is ludicrous,
the world is dualistic after all.

A classic expression often used is, "you are holding the mirror up to yourself, you are reflecting your negativity back at you". Hmmm, to me this is a cop out for speaking truth. It does not work with me though.

It is a no win situation, and  purposely designed expression; to be used on those that express themselves in a way that is counter to the common held teaching practise.

We all have seen people have their emotions invalidated in this way. I have had it done to me also. 
This belief of suppressing our true feelings; is all learnt parrot fashion, by people when getting into spirituality or just by today's mainstream culture via the media. Sadly people do not stop to think; why am I being told this?

Because people want to be liked and approved of, they go along with this.  Why does one have to seek approval to be who they are? Why should one feel ashamed of honest emotions?

One is giving away their personal power  for this to occur. This is creating disharmony within the individual's body, mind and spirit. Because deep down the individual does not actually believe this, and is struggling to suppress what is natural.

There is a point to this, from a mainstream angle; in which the idea is to produce a self controlling, self correcting society that will just go along with what they are told. Even to the point of pointing out to others, they are not thinking correctly.  How on earth did we allow ourselves to become like this?

Humans have a wide and complex range of emotions, which are normal and healthy (energy in motion,). Honour and respect your emotions there is no shame in this. The more you suppress the unwelcome or un-approved emotions, this will come out in a gush and could have very traumatic results.

Live in your true spiritual sovereignty. Xxx

PS: I have no idea why the white backing is on this post. This has happened a couple of times of late. 😕