Thursday, 15 February 2018


A few years ago I had this very interesting dream, like most nights, I am out of body doing something. This particular dream /out of body experience though was soul retrieval.
I found myself in a rather unusual looking aeroplane. This one did not have any doors on it.
The interior was nothing like any 747 that I have been on. At the doorway stood some female flight attendants. Smiling and welcoming the passengers on board. From what I could see there weren’t any seats, only plush red carpet. There was an area on this air craft that looked like a cinema, which I found odd. I noticed there were big luxurious heavy curtains around each compartment for privacy.

I was helping hundreds of people of Middle Eastern appearance on board and making them comfortable. Families were put into groups, and some compartments were men only. This aircraft flew below the clouds and seemed to be just picking up passengers in mid-air.  I could clearly see the clouds around us but was not worried. My task was to help these people.

The people looked happy and cheery, but considering what they had been through it is understandable. Leaving a war torn homeland full of suffering. This was not their doing, it was done to them. My heart went out to them.
When I woke up, I was quite shaken and thought, what the heck was that all about? I thought for a few minutes and then realised these people are all dead. I was helping with soul retrieval. Moving the dead on to the spirit world.

I emailed a colleague in England and relayed what I saw. His reply was, you do know that you are an astral medic don’t you? Err, no. I am a spiritual healer, when I am awake, lol. But I didn’t stop to think that out of body at night, I am assisting in astral like this. I don’t get to remember things like that.
Not too long after this dream I was taken out of my body to assist in a horrific car crash my aunt had
been very badly injured in over in Canada. I wasn’t told what was going on, I wasn’t told why I was being taken out of my body and I strongly objected.
You have the right to know and the right to say no with this. My free will was violated here. Had I been told what the situation was I would have said yes.

I have no idea if I agreed to the soul retrieval of all these Middle Eastern people. I have a real issue with cosmic law being manipulated or violated. I will not take part in sending a soul to the false light or better known as the soul trap. Causing souls to be forced into the never ending cycle of reincarnation and suffering, which in no way benefits them.
To me these poor souls are victims twice over. Their homeland is invaded and they are put through years of suffering. Then when they die, they are being put into an artificial spirit world, think of a massive faraday cage with the technology to create wonderful illusions. Suddenly they are told it is time to go back to the earth and do it all again.

It breaks my heart to see this and I will not participate in this willingly. Now that I am aware of the
Illusion of heaven, I will never send a soul there freely. I will, give those souls options, and the same options that I myself will use. If one does not want to go into the false light, then one must take the necessary steps to prevent that.

One must call on their higher self and only communicate with the higher self. Obstacles and loved ones will be used to lure you into the false light. But if you are spiritually awake and aware, then this will be your undoing. At the moment of death there are beings around you that will try to get you to follow them.  Sometimes they will use a disguise, which could be anything from an angelic being to a parent, your child, grandparent, your spouse or a religious deity.

Many times these are disguises that are employed by what some may call spirit guides.  When you engage them in conversation, they have you. You will then be moved off into the false light. These beings are not what people think they are, and they are most definitely not benevolent.
The higher self or over soul on the other hand takes us away from that. We still do not know what happens after that, not too many souls as far as we know get that far. The idea is to report to the higher soul one’s life experiences. This is in accordance with the true divine plan. Who set this we cannot honestly say.

Scientists now know there is a multiverse, but they do not know much about that. They would know even less on a spiritual level.
What information we do get via channelled information about the spirit world is not always accurate. It is still a great unknown to us. The golden rule is do not trust what you cannot see.
Just because you may feel a loving sensation, does not necessarily mean that you are communicating with a benevolent being.   These feelings can be the result of advanced technology used to induce a feeling of calmness. Some researchers have already hit on this scenario.

At one spiritual church that I attended many years ago, when we were doing channelling and meditation. The instructor’s spirit guide told her to turn off the air con and any fans in the room because it interferes with them communicating. Everyone just accepted that information, without question.  Big mistake that was not spirit beings. It was interdimensional beings. How do I know?
I have had the same experience in my home while working with clients and sometimes via the phone. I could see, feel and hear everything perfectly. I was also able to hear these beings tell the person on the other end of the phone lie. The man instantly told me the “spirit guide” told him to tell me to turn off my fan.  It was a very hot day and there was absolutely no need for me to turn of the fan, unless it was affecting some form of technology.

Electronics makes absolutely no difference when working with real spirit beings. Just look at TV shows with psychics and mediums. Have you any idea how much electronics are used in TV studios?
Psychic people work with all sorts of electronic media all the time and there is no problem. However some of us do have a lot of energy that can make some equipment play up like computers, myself included. I have gone through 4 computers in the past few years, and for no valid reason. My husband is in the IT industry so he can tell if I had done something wrong and would tell me so.
Please bear in mind that I use my PC for Skype calls and on line readings all over the world without any problems.

Now, getting back to when I had this dream a few years ago I did not know what I know now.  I have done a lot of reading on the subject including the extra-terrestrial connections. There is clearly strong evidence of their involvement with humanity pre and during incarnations. Dating back thousands of years, and worldwide, the ancients left clear evidence through the wise ones in every culture.
I leave you to have a look through some websites now and draw your own conclusion.

Cameron has quite a few articles worth reading. But let me point out, unless you are psychic or clairvoyant you are unable to perceive what is happening in the unseen world. That does not mean that it is not real. I have had clients with the hairs on their arms stand on end when spirit is present.  They can confirm the description that I am giving them of the spirit standing next to them. That is without me knowing anything about them or the person in spirit. 
This is a Wes Penre article, but I highly recommend reading his works. However I will not endorse the people that he mentions that channel these entities. I strongly disapprove of this and do not trust the information that has been given to the sitters (the people that are the channels). 

I am speaking from experience with sitting in circles where the information given was questionable on many occasions. How are people to know when they are channeling what is truth and what is not?  That is the $64 thousand dollar question. No it is not as simple as going by feeling, because humans are very trusting and so want to believe everything that comes from the unseen worlds.

Copyright Alex Fulford 15 February 2018