Wednesday, 14 February 2018


When I am meditating, tuning in to spirit or just lying in bed wide awake, I have been getting this strong pulling on my forehead as if something is being extracted from me. This has gone on for a few years.

I used to think that it was something to do with expanding consciousness. Nope, that is not what happens when you expand your consciousness. I asked other psychics and no one could give me an answer.
The feeling is very overwhelming and is, in my eyes intrusive. It is unwanted and it does not benefit me at all. It feels like something is being taken from me. I decided to tell as a respected clairvoyant that I know, his answer was, “It is your son’s higher self doing this”.

There is no valid reason for doing this, and I think he is mistaken, or just doesn’t know. My son has no interest in my work, in fact he dislikes it.  Any interaction with other souls, higher selves or whatever, is not done in the wake state like I have been experiencing.

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When all of the ET stuff started to get active a few years back, this was when the sensation started.
I now know who and what is doing it.  One interesting piece of information came from an old woman that I have known for years. She told me about spiritual beings working with humanity to help them evolve.

These supposed spiritual beings use devices that are placed around the head and tightened. Supposedly to help us expand our psychic abilities and raise our consciousness. I did not like what I was hearing form this woman. It was clearly wrong and sinister.

She didn’t elaborate too much. But she clearly had no idea of the beings that she was communicating with. To be honest I am quite worried about her well-being and in the afterlife especially.

With these other beings interacting with me though, they started to manifest, just slightly out of phase. I can now usually see them clearly (well as clear as one can with an out of phase entity or being) and this is either due to them being careless or they just don’t care that I can see that I can see them.

The most stunning incident happened about two weeks ago. I was sitting in my chair that I use for meditation, and starting to tune myself in for work. The next thing I notice is that tight pressure on my forehead and suddenly I could see two beings standing in front of me. Again slightly out of phase.

They placed a gold band around my forehead with bright coloured lights, I noticed an emerald green one and a red colour more like a ruby colour. I told them to stop this immediately, which they did.

I have told these beings to stop doing this to me several time, they do not have my permission to do this or anything else to me. I told them I know who they are and that they are deliberately violating cosmic law and my sovereignty. Of course they know that, they are hoping that I don’t know that.

They did not seem to care, other than me, saying, stop it. My observations of this situation were, there was at least two of them. No emotion from these beings. They felt male and dressed in black.
Their faces were not real clear to me but I was still able to get the relevant information. Humanoid, male, no emotion and very determined, they felt very clinical.

They were not interested in my opinion or my rights, but I let them know the score. I do not rule out the possibility that they are human like us and could be involved with on planet scientific research on humanity.

This again reinforces my opinion of other beings interacting with humanity and having no interest in being benevolent. Most people that research this extra-terrestrial and paranormal events are fully aware of the non-benevolent beings interfering with humanity for thousands of years.

Purely for DNA and other scientific research. Yes there are military and industrial factions here on earth colluding with these beings, which has been commented on publicly by some researchers of note.
Now many new agers and spiritualists are quite aware of the ET/ paranormal activity on the planet too. Sadly most of them think they are our friends. From my experiences and research, I have to firmly say this is not the case.  It is a grave error in judgement that will end badly.

Copyright  Alex Fulford 14 February 2018.

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