Friday, 26 January 2018

Card Of The Month: The Emperor, February 2018

February‘s card is the Emperor, from the major arcana. Card number 9.
Let’s start with saying the energy is overwhelmingly male energy. The number 9 vibration of the
card also reinforces that energy. This card stands for leadership, wisdom, justice (the law), and upholding the balance of power.

It also represents the star sign Aries, which is rules by the planet Mars. More male energy. Remember Mars is also the god of war.

That does not bode well with so much male energy, which can lead to conflict. This energy needs to be balanced or things can get very out of hand fast.
Notice the emperor is looking rather stern, and is holding in his right hand the Ankh of ancient Egypt. Which is the symbol for life and eternity. This signifies his authority over man and all life. The right hand side of the body is masculine energy too.

In his left hand, which is the feminine side of the body is an orb. This signifies the emperor’s power and authority over man and the temporal world.
Notice the throne upon which the emperor sits. It represents the star sign of Aries, with its 4 ram’s heads. Again more male energy ruled by the planet Mars.

The emperor is wearing a red tunic to symbolise raw power as well as intellect. He is firmly in control of everything and people rely on him for guidance, and upholding the law, both temporal and spiritual. Let’s hope that he is a benevolent ruler and not a tyrant as he could be either.
 Make no mistake the emperor is nobody’s fool. If you think you can out smart him, think again. His authority can come down like a crushing blow.

This card warns us to be on our guard this month, act honestly and ethically or you will feel the swift hand of justice. There is an air of unease for February 2018, no one knows what to expect.
It is an ominous energy surrounding us.  Letting us know nothing stays the same. Something can come at a moment’s notice and upset the apple cart, so be warned.

This can apply to the world of international politics at present, with that in mind there could be conflict that could be avoided.

It is a time for drastic change, who knows what it will bring. Don’t try to fight this change though. watch, wait and learn.  Once you understand what is happening, then take action.