Thursday, 18 January 2018

Fibromyalgia Pain

I actually thought that I was showing early signs of dementia. I didn't think it was my fibro that was affecting my memory. The good thing is it does not impact on my clairvoyance. I get physically and mentally  exhausted reading and healing though. I have had to cut right back on healing. The pain in my arms, shoulders and neck becomes unbearable and then I develop a tremor from holding my arms up. I have had the condition for many years as well as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and Reynaud's Phenomenon, all part of the auto immune system.  

With Fibromyalgia, we do not all have the same symptoms but the majority of the symptoms are shared. Sadly many doctors are ignorant to the condition, and the pain and suffering of patients, so they dismiss patients as crazy. There is much information on the internet provided by doctors and patients to give a good sound knowledge base for working out if a person has this condition. 

I would pinpoint my Fibromyalgia to a very bad car crash at the age of 19. Whilst no bones were broken there was nerve damage and spinal injury including whiplash. Fast forward 20 years and the Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis and Reynaud syndrome kicked in. Then perhaps 12 to 15 years ago the fibro symptoms started. It takes it's toll om my everyday life and is getting worse.

A simple thing like a hug or a gentle touch on the arm is very painful too I must tell you. The nerve endings on my arms go nuts with the slightest touch on my skin giving a horrible sensation.

Just because someone looks fine on the outside does  not mean that they are not in pain or don't have a condition that they suffer from. I am at present downsizing indoors and outdoors because I can no longer tend my garden and do task that I used to do. I have given away several potted trees and pot plants. Because I do not have the energy or health to care for them.
I am de-cluttering my house to make life easier to cope with a lifestyle change. This is a very physically exhausting condition too, it is not just chronic severe pain and memory issues.

I eventually may not post much on my blog due to constant pain from my finger tips up to my shoulders and neck. Add to that several compressed vertebrae from the second serious car crash 2 years ago, which stirred up old injuries.
I am very lucky to have a very helpful and very supportive husband by my side to care for me during flare ups. I do not know where I would be without his loving care.

Someone kindly shared this link with me and other Fibro-friends. You might be interested if you have this or know someone with Fibro.