Saturday, 6 January 2018

My House Has Returned To Normal

For those of you that have been reading my posts about ley lines and inter-dimensional beings,I just wanted to touch base with you quickly, to say things have settled down in my house.

The paranormal and dark ET activity has stopped. I am glad to say. It was really getting to all of us.

I had one lady that is a regular and much loved client feel the presence in my house a few months back.  She told me she felt something touching her on the base of her neck during a reading.

After all the energy clearing and staying vigilant for weeks. I can now say that all of the activity has ceased. On top of doing a heavy duty energy clearing, I used Solffegio frequencies  to shatter any energy blocks. That is similar to using the crystal bowls.

So I can now say that my house has been returned to normal for the past three months. I know for a fact that all the ET research and the ley line investigations were behind this. Every time I read the Wes Penre information, trouble started. Remember what happened to me on the trance mediumship course? (that I really didn't want to go to in the first place)

So I have now enough knowledge and also disturbing experiences in my home to say, lets put this stuff to bed once and for all.

I implore my readers not to get into any of this stuff, it is enough to be aware of what can happen.
If you are in any way sensitive, then you may just draw unwanted attention and activity to you and your family.

Channeling ET's is a popular activity, in the psychic community.  I strongly disagree with people doing this. I personally have not done this for obvious reasons. It is a stupid and irresponsible ego trip.

People have no real idea whom they are really dealing with. These unseen beings can make you believe anything, and mark my words you will come to a sticky end,  including a total mental break down. Is it really worth doing this activity to the detriment of your well being?

I am just happy to have my family life back to normal. I stick to what I do and I am happy with that.