Friday, 31 March 2017

I Will Not Be Dishonest; And Tell A Client What They " Want " To Hear

I have had a lady this week that decided not to pay the balance of her reading. I sent her a polite reminder to do so and as yet she has refused to respond. She has the time on her hands to do so. I can only assume that this was because I didn't tell her what she WANTED to hear.
I will never tell a client what they WANT to hear. If you do not like to hear the truth then perhaps I am not the reader for you.

One thing to keep in mind too is, if you are fixated on a particular result to come out in your favour rightly or wrongly, it most certainly will throw the reading out. Such as wanting to have a particular person in your life. If you are fixated on that person being with you, yes it can confuse the results and will not be accurate.

I have a highly reputable reputation both nationally and internationally. I will not lie to a client, I will not play into their mind games either. My regular clients can attest to my honesty and integrity. I have nothing to prove to anyone nor will I waste my valuable time doing so. I cannot change what the cards say or influence anything, nor would I ever think of doing so.

Please remember that I am bound by a very strict code of ethics by the International Psychics Association as well as my own strong moral values and Cosmic Law. I take these responsibilities very seriously indeed.

In some circumstances I have to warn clients about the course of actions that should be avoided, however should that client ignore the advice then so be it. All I can do is advise nothing more.

We live in a free will universe also; so please bear in mind the consequences of any individuals actions whether good bad or indifferent. The results are far reaching and each individual must be accountable only for their actions and theirs alone.