Friday, 10 March 2017

Michel,Tsarion : Occult History Of Ireland

I am not a fan of Michael Tsarion (Brian Heatley), I have read all of his work though. Some say he is one of the better researchers of the past.  I ask you to  keep an open mind when reading his work and comparing it with other researchers. I do not agree with him on Crowley, Besant, Fortune etc. You need to read up on these individuals for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

When Michael talks about Queen Scotia, she is also known as Meritaten in ancient Egyptian history. Sister of king Tutankhamen, Nefertiti is their mother.You will find through deep research there is Celtic/Atlantian/ Anunnaki/Sirian ancestry within this bloodline, prior to them arriving in Ireland/ Eire. They were a fair skinned, blue eyed race, not at all  what the history books tell you.

By the way Ireland is a bastardized word to insult the people of Eire it means, no land. Which in reality is a most sacred land, brought down by great evil from the out side. The original Irish race were the Aryan race the did not come from the east  or anywhere else, and you will find information  confirming this on the internet.

I have a good friend in Ireland that is a well respected researcher and he is constantly amazing me with new findings. I shall post them here when I have time.

Do not just take my word for this, don't shoot the messenger, you need to read things for yourself. It is no good just accepting what is written. That is the way people are indoctrinated by the education system learning parrot fashion. I am most definitely not pro standard education because it is nothing but conformed indoctrination. Not for those that are free thinkers. It can only give a certain amount of knowledge then the individual that is a free thinker must take matters into their own hands.