Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Alex Shares Handouts Via Email Along with A FAQ Sheet and Price List

😃With face to face clients; I have a little notice for them to read before a reading commences. It is a little heads up to advise them the reading is not a counselling service; and explains about how a persons emotions at the time of the reading affects the quality of the reading. 

I will now attach this to all emails to clients booking readings as it is a good little heads up and prepares them for the appointment along with the FAQ sheet  and the services  price list that I attach to emails too. 

I like people to have heaps of information at their finger tips so they are comfortable and clued up. All  face to face clients are given a little handout on psychic protection and a few other things of interest. This has been my practice for many years.

Should you be an overseas client or interstate client I will now email the little hand out that face to face clients are given to you too.  I strongly believe in people being fully in control of their spiritual empowerment and spiritul protection.

There are many ways to do psychic protection  and it is best to stick to what one feels comfortable with. Gold light is the highest of spiritual protection and is very powerful. So this is why I ensure that every client is aware such a thing exists and how to employ gold light protection for themselves and loved ones. It is very simple to do.