Sunday, 5 March 2017

Critical Knowledge: The Legal Ownership of All Souls by the Vatican… Since 1306!

They do not own me, my parents were smart enough not to baptise me. I was raised High church of Scotland (Protestant). But I will have nothing to do with the evil called religion. I am spiritual. NO not a Spiritualist, that is still part of the same artificial construct of control as is the New Age movement.

Being spiritual is way above anything created in this third dimensional world. I connect with my higher-self or over soul because that is the purest thing to being the all that is, and all that ever will be, the divine spirit/ the divine feminine.

I have gone through the process of cancelling all soul contracts and agreements including the artificial construct known as Karma. I do not believe in nor will I accept it. This is my path and my truth. I live my life in peace and truth.

NOTE: notice the name Ba'al! Why the hell  would you worship such evil as Ba'al? That is alarm bells ringing right there. Not just that but the Popes only are a representative of Lucifer/En-Ki, because he is as they have admitted, the God of this earth and by theft. The black pope ( Jesuit general), has the power over the white pope too.

The pine cone represents the Pineal gland or third eye, NOT a fertility symbol, and this goes back thousands of years to ancient Egypt and further. The triple crown is also alluding to three levels of consciousness, the conscious self, the soul and the higher-self. The fact that Christianity is a hotchpotch of many faiths is also needing to be addressed here too. They stole from every faith that they could to create this evil monster.

There is so much  esoteric ritual, symbology and magic (kabala)  involved here is it unbelievable. Unless you are prepared to do the research you will not fully comprehend the depths to this evil.