Thursday, 2 March 2017

Michael Tsarion: Priesthood of Illes

This is the latest podcast, I myself haven't listened to it as I don't have time but I will. I leave you the readers to make up your own mind on these posts.



I have just watched this and I totally agree with what Michael says. I have been saying for 20 years human society is degenerating. It cannot be  any other way.  Everything is cyclical, cycles within cycles of thousands of years. Remember  the third dimension  is a locked  and very low frequency.

Like being stuck on a radio station and we cannot change the dial. We are not permitted to change the dial. Yes we are going down the drain. But unless  the individual wakens up, they will keep, doing the groundhog day thing for millions of years again.

To understand  this one must be prepared to do a hell of a lot of research. Starting with books of Connor MacDari, Ignatius Donnelly,  Plato etc, as basic reading.

Keeping notes is a must for frequent reference.  So if like me, this stuff floats your boat. Print off the Wes Penre e books. I do not endorse Michael Tsarion, as I feel he is on the left hand path, given that he endorses people like Helena Blavatsky, Alistair Crowley and Dion Fortune. These people are wicked Luciferins.

Just for the record I scry photos and read souls, so I know quite well when I encounter liars and evil people even from a photo of someone that dies over 100 years ago. The energy imprint is still there and always will be.

One also needs to understand the concept of soul contracts and agreements and, that they can be cancelled. There is a post on this blog on soul contracts.