Saturday, 11 March 2017

Australian Prime Minister And Wife Tied To Big Pharma Pushing Mandatory Vaccination

Sociopaths have quite a grip on the minds of the masses to enforce this human rights violation. BUT, they can only do this by the power given to them by people who throw away their human rights like trash.

I for one am fully aware of my rights and what human sovereignty means . I am fully aware of what the sovereignty of a nation is. Most are not or don't give a shit and that is why we have this situation.
These sociopaths know exactly how people think, because they programmed the masses how to think in the first place. That is why they do what they do.

There are not many doctors that are free thinking individuals either, nor are they going to refuse the kickbacks from big pharma, so they have a vested interest in this too. Ask your own GP what is their stand on this as a human rights issue. Do you know how many doctors and alternate therapists in the US have been murdered over this ?

Why? Because they do not have the protection from the public or the government, that's why. Do you see the masses protesting about this? It is too easy for the gutless to look the other way and comply like gutless cowards.

Don't tell me all doctors are not fully aware of the whole issue, and are also quite comfortable in the violation of the UN charter that prohibits the forced medication of any human being. Remember children  cannot give consent,  their rights are being violated here.

There  are spiritual consequences to this and everyone that commits the violation of the free will of an other being is subject to  the  full force of cosmic law. It makes no difference if you believe  in this or not. It is a fixed thing that we cannot  avoid every thing has a price.

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The UN do not have a good reputation themselves and often flout  the rules and have hostile members as most people are aware. But the point is we all have human rights which come under natural law. These laws are not to be invalidated by anyone for any reason.

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This is a link to a Harvard trained Immunologist on vaccines,  please take the time and effort to  read for yourself.