Saturday, 14 July 2018

Video 38: Spiritual Narcissism as a Coping Mechanism

Listen to the words here, and think about them.

Let me tell you, you do not need to have your feelings validated by anyone, no one has the right to do this or invalidate your feelings. This is a control thing plain and simple that people allow themselves to suffer. A supposedly spiritual person deciding if you are doing it right, lol.

Oh, sweetie you are doing it wrong!
Sorry sweetie but you are not spiritual, I am though!
Reminds me of school girls to be frank.

Avoid the new agers like the plague, it is evil cult mentality, designed to harvest your emotional energy and dis-empower you. These individuals are anything but spiritual, if you do not fit the mold they will ostracize you.

 You are not responding to the programming on how to think or act. Good, you don't want to. Be a Morticia rather than a Kardahian.

If they think you are better or more powerful than them they will attack you. That usually involves psychic attacks, some of which are downright vicious. I know I have had it done to me. One almost killed my husband and myself.

Give so called life coaches  a miss, this is an offshoot of the spiritual/new age gig. Stick with a psychologist or a psychiatrist, much as I find them odious too. They are not new age money grabbers out to mind f**k you and lead you astray spiritually.

NLP or neuro linguistic programming is seriously dangerous also. Stay right away from it, I have seen the harm done by it to a family member by an other family member, who oddly enough avoids me since I caught them out. Go figure!

Put it this way if the person says give me your hand or look into my eyes, do not do it. This is a form of mind control but there can also be energy vampirism going on too. The reason that I say that is , some entities piggy back on the person doing the NLP and that person cannot perceive them.

NLP was invented by the CIA as a form of mind control, and if a NLP practitioner does not know that, then something is seriously wrong with them.  But if they know about the origins then that makes it all the more evil. An intelligent and honest person does their research into anything that they want to know, not copy parrot fashion, that's a lazy person or a fool. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Ka-Ching!

As a clairvoyant I have seen so many people being operated like a marionette in the psychic and spiritual community, by beings in blue opalescent bodies. These beings I have commented on in other posts such as the Iggi  blog posts (parts 1 to 3). They are attached behind the person and literally operating the person like a marionette, It is creepy to see to be honest. I was aghast the first time that I saw this. But each time I have pointed it out to people they do not seem to care.

One time it was a person that came to me for a reading. Other times it was at spiritual events. The thought of something like this happening to me would freak me out. So why were these  people so indifferent? Did they give permission to these entities? Perhaps so, or else they are so under their influence that they cannot shake them off.

This is the reason why it is important to keep yourself honest in all that you do. Stand up for your spiritual values, but not other people's. You are not your brother's keeper, he is his/her own keeper.

Value your own spirituality and do NOT seek approval of other people to validate your spirituality. That is like asking their permission to exist.

Walk your own path, read and research when something comes in to your mind. You will discover as you learn, not to take everything as truth and at face value. Do not become a groupie of psychics or clairvoyants. You should become your own groupie, not in an egotistical way. I mean trusting your own intuition and moral compass.

I am telling you this for your own good. I am not in this job to be rich or famous. I am here only to tell you to stand in your own power and never give it away under any circumstances. One must go within and listen to ones heart  and pure core essence. That way is pure  and brings you in line with your higher self.

You do not connect with any "godhead" or angelic being, this is an evil lie to keep you away from your own true higher self and truth .You are your own angelic being, that is your true core essence.

Stop reading new age rubbish, it is there to enslave the soul it is not spiritually pure or clean. No information on this earth is spiritually pure.

As I keep saying this is the third dimension. It is a very low vibrational frequency of duality. It is a locked frequency designed to enslave our souls and prevent us from awakening properly.

May I please remind you again not to talk to entities and do not talk to channeled beings. These beings are archons and dark ET's. I have been there and done that, I know. If you are hearing an entity introducing it's self as a historical person, that is usually a warning sign.

These entities do leave an energy cord attached to you to drain your energy. If this energy cord is not removed will make you ill eventually or even kill you. As the body weakens it is susceptible to dis-ease (disease) all energy imbalances do cause illness eventually.

I had some relatives in Scotland that would take part in seances and use a Ouija board. This is something that is very wrong to do. I as a teenager was very opposed to it and told them so.
But who listens to a teenager's warning.  No gold lighting or any form of spiritual protection.

In one instance they had an entity using the name Nicodemus (patron of the curious).
No way on earth would that have been the real deal. As I have said in the past these things end in tragedy. Most of these relatives that participated, including my mother died in tragic ways at a young age apart from two of them. May be it is coincidence and may be it it not. Don't poke the bear, it will bite.

DO NOT talk to ET's either, you do not know whom you are dealing with and they are certainly much more powerful than you. They also can be using technology that is thousands of years ahead of ours. My regular clients can attest to that as some have had similar experiences. Galactic federation of light, the spiritual high council etc, its all the same dark entities. Again I have been there and done that.

As Wes has already said in his WPP the only ET's that communicate with us are the dark ET's.
But should you not take heed of this warning, you will need to call in the experts to help you. There are not many of them around either. It is a specialized area and dabbling with that is very dangerous.
Even I don't go there.