Saturday, 14 July 2018

Holographic Universe, Flat Earth or Round Earth?

People are wasting their time over the issue of is the Earth flat , round or is it a holograph.
Your biggest question should be how to exit the matrix.

A  flat Earth, hologram or a spherical Earth, you still live in a  prison planet or prison planet mind set. It  makes no difference in the log run if you are not spiritually open to how to avoid reincarnation and how to exit the matrix safely.

                                                      Flat Earth

                                                          Holographic Earth

                                                        Is this our Earth? Works for me until further notice.

So much wasted time and energy is spent on this divide and conquer chess game. If your soul is still asleep and you have no idea of how the metaphysical world works and how it affects all of us then you are doomed to keep repeating the game.

Except the rules of the game are changing fast and most cannot keep up with the rules. Ditch the unimportant spin that is in the media and internet and use your inner-net.  We are at the end of a grand cycle right now as most people are aware. You have heard talk of  "the great harvest", but you
are unsure of what it really is, or is it a good thing or a bad thing.

In short it is a bad thing. It is again new age spin that will keep many souls trapped by following the BS of going into the "light" again. I do not profess to have the answers. All I am trying to do is say, look out people, we are in danger.

People that  do not understand the serious implications ( those new to the spiritual side of things and those that are closed off and spiritually asleep) of this will dismiss this as rubbish to their own detriment. We at this point in time must learn as much as we can on this subject, it affects all of us. Those that are children at present will have to face the AI, artificial intelligence taking over our society.

 How far they allow it to affect them determines whether they are able to spiritually awaken and or, allow this technology to be put in their bodies. The temple of your soul, which was never intended to be anything other than flesh and blood.

By accepting AI implants into the body that are connected to a mainframe or data base, is the end of being human and being a Cybernetic organism.  Aging body parts being replaced and upgraded, to the detriment of your soul and spirituality. Imagine your soul locked for ever in a vessel and cannot communicate with you or your higher-self.

No independent thought, no escape from virtual slavery and no returning to your spiritual home, ever.
That is the ultimate misery and soul destroying. Living within a hive mind complex for ever, no alternative, in heaven knows what sort of world as we move to an inter stellar society.

I think I would prefer the spiritual awakening and connecting with my higher-self, on death, looking for the exits around the weakened magnetic field and moving through the gaps and into the real spiritual world and not trapped by an electronic Faraday cage. To be inserted into an other illusion yet again.  Like most awakened souls, I will not risk going through that again. Something within me as a child knew this was the time to awaken, illusion shattered that has held me here so long. The programming of the soul no longer works.

As many researchers have pointed out in the last 15 years, time is running out for the masses to waken from the god spell. I count my self lucky, but never to be foolish or complacent, the mission has not even begun yet. Only at the point of physical death does one need to stop and think what is the next step. This is where it is vital not to get it wrong. You do not get an other chance if you get pulled into the light.

One must be prepared to say goodbye to the soul group, but leave an energy signature for those that wish to follow us. In order to be reunited if this is possible. It calls for us to be brave. As for the talk of being able to create our own universe, personally I think that is a trick to pull the ego in to an other trap, but I could be wrong.

It has been said in some circles our loved ones, or beings that pretend to be our loved ones lure us into the soul trap on point of death. This is a very powerful emotional pull, and perhaps a cruel trap.
If that is the case, we do not communicate with these beings, our loved ones must surely be aware of our intentions if we are awakened souls and would not wish us to fall for the trap.

I will be honest with you and say that I have never had any loved one in spirit tell me about the soul trap, perhaps they are not aware or perhaps they are forbidden from mentioning it. I can't honestly say. But should I get any information form loved ones then I will most definitely post something here about it.

It has been suggested by some in the scientific community that the "spirit" beings may be artificially produced to induce a false sense of security by using our memories of loved ones to make us go to the artificial light. At present there are scientists working on how to download  our memories onto a hard drive. That is a frightening thought, no pun intended. But if our scientists can do this what is to say other far more advanced beings are not already doing this.  We are but a primitive star race in this universe.

I do not want to mislead anyone by giving out disinformation, no. You need to do your own research but keep an open mind. There is way too much disinformation to confuse us, of course it is deliberate. You cannot keep people enslaved with truth.