Sunday, 1 July 2018

Video 32: We are Programmed for Self-Abuse

This is quite an important video. The rule of thumb is get rid of these predators in your life. Take no prisoners or they will keep attacking. I have gotten rid of individuals in my personal life that are clearly narcs. The difference is purely peaceful. You have nothing to lose!

On the other issue of the inner critic, I feel it is vital to stand in your true spiritual power and not tolerate the intrusion  and violation of your divinity and sovereignty. Just say to this inner critic, " How dare you speak to me, you are a profane abomination, and I am a sovereign and divine being".

This is about taking back your power and it is vital that you own your power. Please read the comments that go with the video and please , do feel free to post your comments, as it not only helps you but also helps others too.