Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Video 46: Between Lives Area and Soul Patching Part 2

Watch Video 45 before this one, there is no turning back from this. There is no avoiding this either.
We all have to face this. However I still maintain the Orion queen has blood on her hands, she is gaining from this too. If you have read all of the WPP then you will know where I am coming from.

. Stand your ground when leaving this life time.
. Do not allow some other being to judge you or even coax you to judge yourself, because most of the     time there is a manipulation game going on. For your soul, if you are unable to beat them at this       game  you lose.
. As you exit the matrix speak to no one, look at no one. Focus your intention to where you want to go.
. Keep it simple and honest in your intention and actions.

I still feel the physical universe is still a dangerous place to any naive soul, and I include my self in that too. We can only do our best and at all times be honest, these other beings know all about humans. I don't think for one minute the other beings are squeaky clean either. Best to err on the side of caution.

We all need to rest after we leave this earth and we need peace and quiet to heal We are not in a good mental state to make snap decisions post mortem. We are very vulnerable so caution is important.

Remember never allow yourself to be put on a guilt trip. We are NOT responsible for the actions or behavior of others. Sadly we can not even save our loved ones if they do not agree with us. That is a very difficult thing to deal with. We don't have the choice, its like a cruel threat held over us to force us to go back into the soul trap. That loved one that is projected at you when you die could actually be a hologram. So please bear that in mind as your very existance depends on it.

When Wes says we are all made up from a mixture of soul fragments, it is possible, but not 100% accurate. No one really knows and lets face it the beings interacting with humans do not have our best interests at heart. I am very skeptical with any thing like this and always think to myself is this all true or only half true.

What I know from spirit communication through personal experience and Et's communicating with us is never take anything as 100% truth. I personally have had beings lie to me of both types. I have had my meditations interfered with and manipulated by dark ET's. I have witnessed these beings interfere with other people in meditation circles and in other situations. No I do not believe that any loving and benevolent beings are communicating with humans.

We know this is a quarantined planet, we are off limits to other star races, so how are they able to communicate with us if we are off limits. The only Et's that are being channeled are non benevolent ones and for their own agenda only. I do think that Wes's  former back ground in Scientology has made him accept things as truth. No disrespect intended here. I think his work is excellent, but coming from a clairvoyant position and from the unpleasant experiences that I have had I have to say do not trust any ET entity that tries to communicate with you.

In the after life when we adjust to our now awareness we may have better understanding, but until then please trust nothing but yourself. I want people to be safe and have the truth nothing more.

The sad fact is , that the majority of humans will not make it through this ordeal we are in. We that are awake cannot do anything for them. This is their free will choice, do not make the mistake of putting yourself in danger. These humans make their choice just like we awakened ones do. Of course we can be sympathetic towards them, but we must not accept any guilt of blame that is not our place o do so.

That is playing back into the evil hands of the AIF and that is what they want. Only this morning I had them in my dreams and again as old people, but arrogant towards me.

At present I am having a very painful Fibromyalgia flair up. So in this early morning dream I found myself in a medical center and was about to have an X Ray done. Warning bells rang in my lucid dream, when I walked into a room where there was a rather surly old man who was rather tall.

No X Ray machines just a medical couch and this nasty man . He sat in a chair at the other end of the room and did not even look at me. His comment was very rude and arrogant. Basically insulting me for being there and wasting his time. I tried to make a humorous remark, which was obviously a waste of time.

This was the exact same behavior that was exhibited by the beings  that I encountered in a lucid dream warning people not to reincarnate. Again they presented as old people, and they were very pushy arrogant beings. Using intimidation tactics.

I assume that these beings will use what ever form the feel is acceptable to humans when they meet them  face to face.

 So please be aware that these beings are wicked,  they do not have compassion and empathy. Their only purpose is to use humans and any other beings as a food source on an energy level.

Anyone that tells you other wise is either under their influence or is very naive. That is highly dangerous in this situation and these individuals should not be giving advice on such matters.