Thursday, 5 July 2018

The Sodomite Gateway

Let me start by saying this has nothing to do with being gay, I have many gay friends and they are very spiritual good people. Far from it this is a heterosexual Satanic thing. We are talking Satanic ritual abuse as old as time. It is the gateway to "spiritual Gnosis". This has been practised for thousands of years by the initiates of the black arts/ left hand path, the priest class, Freemasons, world wide royalty, the Vatican etc It was brought on to this planet also.

All our media, businesses, banking and government logos world wide are based on secret symbology, and some of it alludes to sodomy. The entertainment industry just love it. Think of the in your face music videos, with out naming and names. Twerking, the trollops way of saying she is easy and you are left in no doubt about what she likes. Our world is full of filth and depravity to keep us away from our real spiritual roots. Remembering of course that it is a dualistic world and on a low vibrational frequency.

With the Sodomite gateway it is a quick access to the kundalini energy, and taking the spiritual light and innocence of a child, the gender of the child doesn't usually matter. As you may know, the kundalini energy sits in the base chakra at the base of the spine. As we raise our vibrational frequency the kundalini rises up the spine and through the chakras, usually via meditation.

That is the usual way  it works, but the energy can be triggered in other ways such as trauma or ritual sexual abuse. One of the reason why we have international paedophile rings is, they want to abuse the children but also take the spiritual energy. It goes much deeper than that though, especially if it is a blood ritual. The blood of a traumatised victim is full of adrenaline and when ingested the abuser/Satanist gets an energy boost for working with the black arts.

Check  out the above link, it is easily tied in with children disappearing all over the world and adults  too. A thing that I have noticed with the media is the children tend to be wearing either red or blue in the photos, that in itself is a coded message as to why the children are missing.

People have no real idea how much of this goes on, in many cases they just don't want to know. This is one reason why abuse victims are usually pushed to the side of society. People don't believe them because they are uncomfortable with the truth. I have met many survivors of abuse over the years and know how hard their lives are, they have no real voice nor real help to cope with life after the abuse. But for the abusers, well its just business as usual and life is sweet.

Have you seen the evil and anger on the faces of the abusers that are caught and are on the news at night? The in your face arrogance of these monsters, they don't care one bit about the victims, they are angry because they think they are better than everyone else, and should be allowed to do what they do.

They are owed and controlled by the dark side, make no mistake about that. They are also quite happy to work for the dark side or left hand path.

Those on the left hand path give of a very subtle energy, which a sensitive person with intuitively feel. This is a very uncomfortable feeling and something that the person sensing can't quite put their finger on,. They just know that the vibe feels very wrong. I have felt it from many over the years myself and even speaking on the phone in one case, and this is why I always stay on guard and use spiritual protection. is generally a good website to find things on.

There are many more symbols other than what are mentioned in the open scroll,  I do not accept all of the explanations on that blog nor do like the vibe from the person running the blog,  I have read other interpretations over the years to the meanings of arches and squares. To me it feels the owner of the blog has a fixation with this subject. I could be wrong though but I am not in agreeance with all that he claims are related to the sodomite gateway.

Lets not forget the mind control victims who are traumatised by RSA  (Ritual Satanic Abuse) this is an ongoing program and inter-generational.

Dr John Dee's Monas heiroglyphica that he made for Elizabeth I
She was a black magic practitioner too as was her son Sir Francis Bacon (Shakespeare)

Did you know John Dee and his partner in evil John Kelly were necromancers too? They would dig up a corpse and do back magic spells to get an evil spirit in to the corpse to re-animate the corpse in order to communicate with it.

I will leave readers to do a google search of symbols on how to recognise the sodomite gateway messages that are all around us constantly. Like all other dark symbols, you will start to notice colours ( such as purple, red, blue, orange, yellow and green) and shapes for what they really mean. Life is never the same when your eyes are opened to the reality of living in the low vibrational frequency of the third dimension.

NOTE: There is a huge ugly metal sculpture of an orange Monarch//Wanderer Butterfly in Tuggeranong, Canberra. Most people think it is ugly. If only they knew the deeper meaning.
The Monarch butterfly is infamous with Project monarch mind control and MK Ultra. It symbolises transformation.

The child being placed in the butterfly position to be abused. Canberra is infested with  satanic symbolism. You cannot go anywhere in the city without seeing some form of symbology.
Just love the Freemason symbolism on the website too...NOT!

Monarch/Wanderer Butterfly on Drakeford Drive Tuggeranong, just next to this a big ugly orange bridge. Again it is symbolism. 

Bridges are also seen as the link from one world to an other, hence the bridge with the butterfly representing  a transformation taking place, the colour of the bridge too is important. Any bridges that I have seen are normally gray or a bog standard colour that fits in with the environment. This is symbolic and only those that are aware can look at this and understand what the message being conveyed is.  

I do not think this can be possibly be mistaken, if you are able to read the symbology of the colour and shapes. When see it cannot be unseen.

No need for me to add any more to this, I am sure the readers that want to know more will do their own research. I will say one thing though, in order to progress up the high levels of society this is a right of passage, no pun intended. 

NOTE: One thing I find of late is the amount of disinformation websites and partial truths in any websites that truth seekers use. Most of the websites are run by paid shills. 

Nominated for a Nobel peace prize, yeah right. Still in keeping with the Satanic agenda then I see.
That reminds me of the joke doing the rounds in the UK about what's the difference between the Sex offenders register and the Queens New Year honors list. Both are full of sex offenders it seems.

UPDATE  I just want to add this here for a bit of extra reading.