Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Article #5: Why We Need to Get Rid of Attachments to Exit this Matrix; By Wes Penre

Please click on the link and it will take you to the article. Since Wes wrote his books many others are jumping on the band wagon and are all over YouTube like a rash making out they are experts.

If you want the proper research then read the Wes Penre papers and follow him on YouTube and Facebook as he has returned to Facebook last October.


It is hard to get this message through to loved ones if they are not in a mind to explore this concept, even those that say they are spiritual still do not accept this because of years of programming via religion and other social constructs.

I am the only one in my family that seems to be fully aware of this information. Even thought I have advised my husband and son, it is up to them at the time of death to make the choice. They know that I won't be there to guide them as I will not be coming back  to assist and have the possibility of being trapped in the matrix again.

It is important to have a firm plan of how to safely exit the matrix and not be held back by guilt or fear. We have to get this right before we leave and meditate to have a strong connection to our higher self.  A strong sense of self, intention and purpose is needed and then stick to the exit plan.

As for the reincarnation to come back to help. You may not be with the people that you were trying to save.Will you have amnesia and forget your purpose? I do not think this will be a very easy task and could be futile and dangerous. Our population on earth will be much smaller according to many researchers too so the chance to incarnate will be slim too.

The world will be a much different place unlike the 20th century and early 21st century. Singularity already locked in place. I would give it a miss to be honest.

As for the Orion queen please keep in mind she is not human she is reptilian ( yes, as in the crap that David Icke goes on about) She still has blood on her hands and her people are not exactly free from what Wes says it is similar to here.

You do not have to follow the Orions, the first thing needed is a safe place just to be and rest, making the transition to spirit is exhausting enough but if you die from illness or trauma etc you need to heal first. Then think of your options 

So research is vital along with your firm intention to exit.