Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Alex has technical problems with her website

Just a heads up. My website has been down for 24 hrs. dLook are looking in to it. I  cannot say I have been 100% happy with them . However I will see how things pan out. I did not have this issue with them last Christmas/New Year . Everything rand smoothly.

I could not get through their 1800 number the message bank was full also.  I finally got a reply via their Facebook Messenger and I got a phone call right away šŸ˜€ They will look into it and have my website back up today.

So in the meantime if you want to make a deposit please go into PayPal an ude my email address

This is not my personal email address it is a business one only. So please do not email me on that one. Use alexfulford63@gmail if you want to contact me or my official Facebook page šŸ˜

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you.

Warm and fuzzy hugs Auntie Alex xxx

UPDATE: WooHoo It is back up again. Thank you dLook