Tuesday, 8 January 2019

THE RIOT ACT: Two dogs locked in car at Canberra Centre as rising numbers of pets suffer heatstroke


The message is clearly not getting through to some people, they just don't think. It is NOT ok to leave pets in the cat in the heat and especially wit the windows shut. It only takes minutes for the poor little
soul to expire (die).

Why is it that some people are just not thinking clearly? it is distressing to see this and I have witnessed this sort of thing myself. I have stood by cars and timed how long I have been there to see how long before I ring the Police, NRMA or the RSPCA.

Luckily the owners have arrived in time.They just don't seem to get it. Children are often left in hot cars too. Every summer in Australia there are reports of children left in cars ad a couple have had fatal results.
Get your act together or you should not be allowed to keep your beautiful fur babies. As for children I feel follow up welfare checks may be needed.

A sad thing to see and it speaks volumes about humanity devolving. People do not seem to have the common sense they once had.