Monday, 20 August 2018

Tarot Reading On Peter Dutton August 2018

I do feel this week we will see Peter Dutton as the new Australian Prime Minister.
Peter would like to see our farmers looked after and a return to Australian values and ethics.
I do think he will find his hands tied on that matter though.

The first card out in the layout is the Moon, which is to do with communication, deceptions and illusion. Just what one would expect in political layouts.

Peter Dutton is a self made man with ambition, he has a very strong woman for a wife too. She keeps him grounded, this couple are well suited for this relationship and for the role that is about to come to them. They must be very careful of who's company they keep though due to the media attention.

Peter as I said is a self made man, he does not like to be a follower, he wants to make his own strides in this world. A juggling act has been going on for a while as he does his job as the minister for homeland security and preparing for a leadership role as the Australian Prime Minister.

Peter I feel will be used ill by those that seek to put him in power so he must always keep his guard up and never trust any one. Especially from within party ranks. I do not think Peter Dutton has all the answers to turn Australia around, nor will he be permitted to do so, such is the nature of politics and those that are the hidden hand that control the politicians, those hidden hands reside overseas by the way. Only their minions or foot soldiers reside here and need to be weeded out fast.

There is a strong feeling of  anger and rejection around Peter Dutton, his views are not the parties views, he will find it very hard to have control over the party members unless he gets ruthless with them to fall into line. These party members are fulfilling their own personal agendas and not that of the party or the Australian peoples wishes.

Peter needs to be aware of the push to crush Australia and these hidden powers are very dangerous.I do feel some of this information will come out and produce much conflict within Australia. This could be demonstrations, violence and riots.

This I feel  is unavoidable, however the general population seems to be stuck, unable and unwilling to stop this. Think political correctness and snowflakes, weak willed individuals that will give away their personal power and human rights not to mention Australia to the highest bidder.

People refuse to heed the warning signs of what is to come and only a minority seem to be alarmed. Dutton is one of those alarmed individuals, he has seen it all before. Sadly he cannot stop this. The powers behind this push are much too powerful for him to stop. Again this is an overseas influence that was allowed to influence our nation, and sedition within government ranks.

I could be wrong but I get the feeling of Dutton's office being bugged and information leaked to the media. When this takes place I cannot say for sure but it feels soon.

Peter knows he has a fight on his hands, I hope he knows how to fight back but keep to diplomacy. I do not feel he has yet come to realize the power or control that is held over the Prime Minister's head, regardless of who is in the position of PM. It is a very dark and murky energy. Meanwhile the PM has to smile for the camera, nothing to see here people move along.

Peter Dutton must do more on security for Australia and not back down. I do feel he has his ear to the ground on what is going on within Australia and internationally.
This is something that has not been done properly by any of our leaders so far and this is why we are starting to see things get out of hand.

Mr Dutton must be careful when it comes to sedition and the laws, they have been weakened by those that seek to destroy this great nation to benefit a political agenda that is not in the Australian peoples interests.  Those that did this are criminals  and should not be tolerated. We are of course talking politicians and business men with a vested interest  that is against Australia.

I do not feel the Peter Dutton has the right backing behind him to protect Australia. We should indeed be rather worried about this.

Remember all politicians have factions and not all are loyal to Australia and are also influenced by powerful businessmen overseas.

I will leave it at this for the time being. As I say I do not do politics. I am strictly spiritual, I just focus on a person's energy for a reading nothing more.

Can I just say after looking at a photo of Malcolm Turnbull, I do feel he is almost depleted of energy or life force. This in no way means he is ill or going to die. No it means an energy leak and he needs to ground himself. It would be wise for public people to to a daily grounding exercise to prevent energy loss and psychic attacks. Yes that sort of thing does happen otherwise Mr Turnbull would not look and feel so drained of life force.

Copyright Alex Fulford, 20 August 2018