Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Happy Animal And Plant Dreaming

Over the past couple of nights I have had some symbolic dreams involving a Koala, a Tortoise and an Ivy plant. Looks like some long awaited  happiness  is on its way at last.

I have posted the links to some interpretations of these symbols here and looking at the positive aspects of the dreams it shows this week is a new beginning and  opens new possibilities for me and my family.

This morning I woke up after dreaming not just about the Ivy plant, which was actually one that I own in a pot. There were other plants in pots and a feeling of fertility with the plants I was tending.
In the dream I was in a house that I lived in many years ago, but it had a slight difference as dreams often do. I went around closing the blinds of the house signifying privacy.

I seemed to focus on the plants and needing to care for them and create some oasis of tranquility around me. Just what the doctor ordered so to speak. A time for reflection , peace and tranquility.
There is nothing nicer and comforting. I sure could do with this too.

I had a busy but productive day yesterday but today, my arms are agony with fibromyalgia. So a bit of rest is needed to restore my energy.