Thursday, 16 August 2018

Too Many Wanna Be's In This Gig

There seems to be a lot of people that think they know it all and are writing books and producing merchandise, workshops etc in the Spiritual and New Age industry. It is nothing more than an ignorant and ill informed money grab. Not that it stops them, hell no, it doesn't matter. All they need to do is learn the buzz words and pick up the bullshit stick and walk with it, and blowing smoke in peoples eyes.

I find it absolutely sickening, no matter how many times I try to educate people they think they know better than me, ( No I do not call myself an expert in any thing nor do I claim to be super spiritual. No I am a very down to earth and very honest housewife and mother) and some of these people have absolutely no psychic abilities  nor any experience other than reading crap in books or doing some meditation in circles then suddenly think they are informed and know it all. Meditation is taught parrot fashion as is the psychic development stuff.

Not many of these people even know what is happening in the unseen world for real, nor do they want to know. Why would they, knowledge is power and you do not share that or some one else will try to upstage you and we cant have that now can we?

Attitudes like this will lead to a dangerous mishap. Yes I have seen people like this have a mental break down, lose friends and respect. Why because they will not listen to reason. Ego is the vice that attracts such individuals to this for a get rich quick opportunity and fame. News flash, there is no real money in what I do, or else it is done by telling lies and taking peoples hard earned money.

Clearly not at all what spirituality is about, but yes they all rush into this gig for the money and the ego trip. I do not mix with such people and nor will I ever mix with them.

These people do not want to know what is really behind the spirit world, and if they did find out yes they would freak out and go into denial. No way on earth will they divulge the real information to any one else either. This line of work is not for the profain nor is it for showmen or cowards. Yet they are there there non the less.

Spouting crap like, " oh you are surrounded by angels" or "I have an ascended master guide" and the likes.
Really! Well if you were better educated individuals you would not say such foolish and dangerous things, because you actually have negative entities controlling you. They will make you do things that you think are your own ideas, they will change your personality and drive your friends away. Yes I have seen it happen too. I actually have walked away from a very dangerous person several years ago.

This person told me my son would die in a car crash at 18, to this day he does not drive because of her and the evil spirits that control her. She informed me of many negative things that just should never be said. No that is an out of control ego and a person that is controlled by the dark side ( both sides are pretty much one and the same really, its a game to them to control you).

Oh and then there was a close friend that told me that I would lose a son. Really!! Is that the sort of thing to tell someone? That again is the ego taken over by evil. She was booted out of my life. Yes I have lost a son and the pain is very raw. But a psychic or clairvoyant under no circumstances must never give out such information. The harm that can be done is immense, I know I have to live with it.

When I warned the first woman  about the dangers she and other people in the closed group of my concerns I was laughed at. They are not laughing now. No They have lost everything in their lives including their good health and very lonely people.

Some psychics end up living very lonely lives, because of what controls them. Some surrender to an unseen being they mistake for a spirit guide, giving away their free will, of which humanity does not really have much of. These unseen  beings control our world not to mention the psychic industry and many spiritual people who think they have a loving guide. The proof in the pudding is when you decide not to go along with the guide.

The entity then takes control of your life and destroys it, unless you know how to protect yourself from the entity and it's cohorts. These beings are not working alone there are always several.

Meanwhile these deluded people firmly believe all the rubbish and love and light empty words printed of little cards, memes etc. Thinking it will make them powerful, make them popular and oh so spiritual and special. Er, no, it makes them look like a controlled biological entity with no self respect and no spirituality what so ever. Definitely not spiritually awake or they would not be doing what they are doing and lying to people  along with themselves, all for money and fame.

Too many people are patting themselves on the back for being "spiritual" and having people hang off them like flies around a poo. Thinking  if they are seen to be friends with these individuals or know them that they will be some how elevated in status. Cult mentality in actual fact.

You need no other Guru other than yourself.

Let me tell you it doesn't work that way. In the real world the individual must do a hell of a lot of hard work, learning and unlearning all the crap that is being passed off as spiritual truth, only to find out that most of it is absolute rubbish at the least or very evil at the most. Most of the books written on the subject dating back to the late Victorian era are a waste of time and money. I know I have read many of them and spent a hell of a lot of money doing so only to throw them out in disgust. Some of these books are based on black magic and channeled information that is half truths or out and out lies. Never, ever trust anything that you cannot see. Only a fool will take as truth that which cannot be proven or false promises.

As a clairvoyant, one has a better feel for the truth as our abilities get stronger and more refined. Yes I had to start at the basic level and educate myself over many many years. It is frustrating when searching for the truth, it takes a very long time and is often a very painful process. One starts to question everything, religion, spirituality, the nature of this reality that we live in and it comes as a terrible shock I can honestly tell you.

I would not go into this line of work again if you paid me. I do not want any of my loved ones to take up this line of work. I do though want them educated on the truth of spirituality and handle it with care and respect. I do want them to know how to exit safely from this world and the matrix and avoid the soul trap (going into the light of the BS love and light fame) For any spiritual person that thinks going to the light is the right choice I say no.

 You are very misinformed by people that taught you something that they learned parrot fashion with no proper research and certainly did not have access to the ancient texts and scrolls that proper researchers  study. Do you have any idea how dangerous this is? Didn't think so. Education is the key proper research and education. But hey that ain't going to make you rich now is it? NOPE!

A soul with  no spiritual wisdom what so ever will just go back in to the soup mix due to ignorance and still an unawakened soul. You really think individuals like this should be teaching anyone anything of a spiritual nature?

To not inform people of what is really out there is wrong. People need to know the truth no matter how painful it is. However it needs to be done carefully and tactfully. Don't fill peoples heads with rubbish.

But you cannot educate people unless you have the correct knowledge. You are playing with peoples lives. There is a responsibility to tell the truth. The people receiving the knowledge on the other hand have a responsibility to read for themselves and take their own responsibilities on board and not expect others to do it for them.

Most of the wanna be's will not open any heavy reading books let alone challenge them.
I know because I have met so many over the years and have given council to them. But there are some that just cannot see truth no matter what.   They do not want to that's why, it is uncomfortable and wont make them rich or famous. Too bad, but don't dare spread your rubbish to people that are naive. That is wicked and evil.

A soul cannot properly awaken when fed lies, half truths and having smoke blown in their eyes.
A soul cannot awaken using magic, spells, rituals, angelic teachings (read archons and daemons).
It is all fake and evil and will cause much harm, and possibly death.

Anunnaki  😏

A soul cannot awaken reading new age satanic rubbish and sitting in meditation circles being fed fake images that are being projected to them from dark entities, and sometimes pretending to be your higher self or religious identities. Warning bells should be ringing loud when this happens.

Anyone running these events can cause a lot of harm because they do not understand what they are dealing with and are leading people down a very dangerous path. Again I have seen the entities operating these people like a marionette, of which they leave energy cords attached to to feed from their energy.

Responsibility is a two way street, you are responsible for what you accept as truth and the person "teaching" also has a responsibility to know what they are teaching and to research for themselves.

I do not post half truths or lies on this blog it is not full of mumbo jumbo, I take my responsibilities seriously bu, I cannot change your mind. I cannot make you learn or understand that which you do not want to know.

Please stay safe and educate your self on this subject. It is not a platform to become rich or famous. That is evil and greed controlling the individual and sure as hell not spiritual. Pressure on to push out yet an other book, Ka Ching Ka Ching!!  That is a dark path you can have it.