Sunday, 1 April 2018

Calthorpe House

I went to see this lovely old 1920's house today, it is only 15 mins from where I live.
I did in deed see Harry Calthorpe, he made his presence known to me prior to me going there, as I made the booking to go and see the house over the phone, he turned up.

However I don't know why he had a beard, mustache yes, that was part of his distinguished look and  fitting of the times. 
On arrival at the lovely house harry greeted me as I walked down the side of the house to the front door. Spirit always know whats going on, not much gets past them.

If you love old world historic places, it is a must see if you live in Canberra or visit Canberra. At the house I purchased a book by Dawn Calthorpe, called Chortles, Chores and Chilblains.
Something to treasure and remember my visit. I am sure that I will return there again.

Sadly due to people talking, myself included I did not get a chance to communicate with Harry. But I could see him clearly. In the garden I could see two little girls playing. This was a snapshot in time as a surprise, thanks to Harry. This was him sharing a memory with me. He loved his children very much.

One of the girls is still very much alive and living near by.  As I left, I thanked Harry for his company and showing me his home, I thanked the lady tour guide and her off-sider who was very busy taking bookings. it must be a lovely job to do if you love history. I love all things 1920's and 30's.

PS: As a child in Scotland I lived in a house built in 1910. I loved that house and was very sad when my parents sold it. I have always loved old world houses, that have a soul of their own.