Monday, 16 April 2018


I do like the colour purple, it is a spiritual colour and quite eye catching. I much prefer cool colours to warm colours personally. However there is much more going on with colours than people know.
For instance purple is the highest colour in the catholic church, it is the prominent colour in feminism, which is strange  given that  blue is the goddess colour of the divine feminine.  Mother Mary is usually depicted wearing blue.

Purple is every where at present, all over TV and government departments world wide. Red and Blue combined makes purple as we know. The blending of the two halves of freemasonry, the red team and the blue team. Be very aware of the colour themes that are shoved in our faces, they always contain an occult meaning and a vibrational frequency.

This is done for a reason that the general public do not seem to be aware of let alone stop and think about what it all means. Every colour has a meaning, both positive and negative, and it has it'sown frequency. It is important that people understand  that, the same with numbers.

Depending on the level of esoteric wisdom a person is exposed to each colour like a number is based on multiple levels on information. As mentioned in this video, (and I apologize for the filth in this video, I find it offensive and way over the top). The colour purple does correlate to the planet Saturn. Red relates to the planet Mars and is male aggressive energy. Blue relates to Venus and is female energy and related to the Goddess or Mother Mary/ The Sophia. Mix them together and you have the coming together of two ideals, duality.

You will notice the woman doing the sign as above so is below with her hands, (again it's duality) at the 10.00 min point. She is in on this too, she deliberately made it look sloppy to draw attention to herself. Normally it is done in a seemingly innocent casual way so as the average person misses it and only an initiate would notice. I notice this sign used in a lot of advertising especially in banking.

Androgyny is an other aspect indicated in this symbology, moving us towards singularity and non binary society. Do we as individuals get a choice in this? Only if you are aware, and say NO.

This goes way out of kilter with nature and spirituality. As you know the universe is made up of duality. To suddenly change the order of things will spell disaster on a massive scale.
Especially on a spiritual level, remember we are all spirit first and foremost. Your spirituality or your soul is the most important aspect here, don't forget that.

This is a war against our human spirituality and sovereignty. It is being pointed out by many people world wide. Now getting back to the colour codes for a moment. Have you noticed in the past few years, there has been a trend with the media, governments departments celebrities etc, world wide?

I remember pink being popular in TV shows including when watching the news and current affairs shows and also being used in advertising. We have had all the colours of the chakra system being employed to covey messages right in front of our eyes, yet no one is commenting on this.

I pay attention to symbology, which the general population do not do. People that are in any way spiritual need know this and shun it.

You do not have to live, sleep and breath this stuff, only be aware and acknowledge the true facts. That is for your own wisdom and protection.  Knowledge is power, ignorance can be deadly.

I am by no means an expert on anything, but I am aware. I do not like what I see going on, I am aware of a darker meaning of the symbology. I do not agree with what these dark magicians are doing across our planet and let me tell you, this is  like a coded count down. I don't see the masses being able to avert disaster either. The rocket has left the launch pad as we speak.

People just do not get, or do not want to get, the fact that caballistic individuals are hell bent on destruction of humanity. We are in for more bloodshed as we speak, (SYRIA). Humanity is losing its collective voice. Due to too little willingness of the masses.


The sodomite gateway, the cube links to Saturn and the Kabbalah it is not just Freemasons involved and it is a world wide thing pre-Christianity many thousands of years ago to which the priest classes and royalty of the world accepted evil into their hearts and  minds.


Take a close look at the colours Purple, Magenta and Violet on this link. Read the negative and the positive sides. Now read the negative and positive of Orange.

I avoid watching most things on tv these days because of the subliminal and in your face programming