Monday, 23 April 2018

Interesting Logo For ASIC

This is the computer keyboard version for modern Hebrew.

First there was the word or logo (vibrational frequency, nothing can exist without this). Something to ponder me thinks. I have just looked at the interesting letter head on a bill that came in the mail this week and I have often wondered what the strange little blue logo is. Today I suddenly thought that looks like Hebrew. Indeed it is Hebrew.

So I set about trying to work out what it says. The colour  blue, I already knew and the black square around the words. Talk about spell-craft. Dear oh me what is this about, I thought.

The black Cabalistic cube represents the planet Saturn and Satan/Lucifer. 
The colour blue is a Freemason and occult colour and has interesting meanings both negative and positive.
I have mentioned in other posts the colour blue is a goddess colour, it is also used by the military and governments world wide, that also includes being on national flags.

Above is the link that will explain the business meaning of the colour blue, read the positive and the negative. Like I say this is spell-craft. It does affect us on a very subtle level whether you realize this or not. The more you notice things, the clearer things become. Having a light bulb moment has its benefits.  

There is also the individual letters within the square, which are read right to left and these letters also contain a numerical value. Think vibrational frequency with all of this too. This is actually an occult spell cast over people. We are talking energy manipulation here. 
That is something that I find rather dark and sinister.

Vav, means Add, Secure or Hook
Yud/Yod  means Work , Worship or Throw 
Kuf  Means, Tame, Bend, Allow or Open

The Numerical Value  is Vav is 6 Yod/Yud is 10 and Kuf is 20
I will leave you to look into the numerical meaning because I am utterly hopeless with that.
Just know that the number vibration is very important also, especially when it is about revenue.