Friday, 6 April 2018

Card Of The Month: April, 2 Of Cups

This card is a card of healing, peace, love, sharing, agreements, commitments etc. The two of cups has a healing aspect too.

Notice the man and woman standing in the forefront, exchanging cups. The cups stand for happiness, love, devotion and agreements. They meet on level ground as equals.

He is using his left hand to receive the cup from the woman, and the woman in turn is using her right hand. This alludes to duality and to remind us that the left hand side of the body is female and the right hand side is male. The left hand side relates to the moon and the right hand side relates to the sun. Duality is all around us in the third dimension. As above, so is below comes in to the world of duality also.

Above the couple is the caduceus, recognised the world over for healing. So bringing together this couple for an important purpose. This also is the double helix of two strand DNA.
The other name for the Caduceus is the rod of Hermes.
In ancient Greece two snakes entwined represented commerce and exchange, so here it becomes an energy exchange if you like.

The caduceus is a sign of synergy between the couple, balancing them harmoniously in a positive creative energy. Team work and love.

The woman is wearing a blue tunic over her white dress. The blue tunic shows that she is a healer, blue is the colour of devotion and the mother goddess too. The white dress is about spirituality and purity. On her head she is wearing a laurel wreath for wisdom, victory and eloquence in all its aspects.

The green in the laurel wreath relates to the heart chakra and the zodiac signs of Taurus and Capricorn. Wreaths like this were worn by leaders and champions in days of old.
Notice the woman is wearing red shoes. Very grounded in reality and is very aware of her power.

The man is wearing a wreath of red roses, red as in the base chakra and raw emotions, blood / the water of life. Red resonates with the zodiac sign of Aries and the planet Mars. Symbolically red roses or the colour red is also connected with royalty.

Much of the symbology in the Rider Waite Tarot cards relates back to ancient Egypt, so remember that when looking at the colours and symbols. Upper and lower Egypt in ancient times used red and white to signify their royal houses.

The yellow tunic the man is wearing represents joy and happiness, the radiant sun that gives us life
and spirituality, it connects to the solar chakra. A happy vibrant colour resonating with the zodiac sign of Leo. Notice the man is wearing yellow boots, a spring in his step perhaps. Not taking himself too seriously. However there is his spirituality on show, yellow can also be used instead of gold to imply spirituality. So both of the people on the card are spiritual individuals.

Last but not least is the card number, 2. This is again about duality, balance, harmony, diplomacy, love, adaptability etc.

This month’s card is about meeting on common. A coming together of likeminded people for a common cause, whether it is a relationship between a young couple, a workplace agreement, a health issue. It is a positive card in the upright position.

Meaning that things are going to go well. In the reverse of course it means there will be tears before bed time. I like to stay away from the negative aspects of the card when doing card of the month blog posts. I like to instead show the symbology of the card and the positive aspects.

April seems like a fast moving month, it will just come and go so fast that you don’t have time to catch your breath. It always has fast moving energy. I like to think of this in a positive light.

The bright yellow sun in the southern hemisphere is now waving goodbye to the summer season and moving in to winter. Golden tones of the sun match the golden leaves on the trees. These match the bright yellow tones in the two of cups. Warmth and a happy joyous feeling.

The two of cups is a protective and loving energy for those that draw this card. Funnily enough as I was shuffling the card to pick a card this card just jumped out and landed on my table.
I will take this as a good omen for myself, and I hope that it is a good omen for everyone else.

Love and blessings