Sunday, 22 April 2018

RIP Tim Bergling (Avecii)

Tim Bergling AKA Avicii has lost his young life, gone way too soon. My heart goes out to him, his family and friends. Nothing can take away that pain. I have been through this myself that pain stays for ever with those left behind.     

I had never heard of him until I saw this article in the news yesterday. I was touched by how young he is.  A young man in his prime, his life hadn't really started yet. He had not fully experienced life at such a young age.

This young man was a sensitive soul, which would I feel, have led to a deeply spiritual path had he the chance to live.

In loving memory to Tim it would be nice if his fans could find the peaceful path that he tried to find and carry on his charitable work. That would make his soul happy to know that his life was not in vain and his life mattered. I am sure those close to him feel his gentle touch and his humour at their time of need. 

No amount of money, material wealth or anything can bring the peace to ones life, that one needs to survive on this earth. Most celebrities will not openly admit the secret sufferings that they endure daily.
I am glad I have opted out of that arena. One loses oneself in the haze when we step into that unknown world. Everything we do seems to have a price, but why is that? Why are some able to sail through unscathed? Surely there is a secret to that, perhaps it is a dark one.  If so let them have it.

Rest in peace Tim Bergling and watch over your loved ones.