Monday, 30 June 2014

Volkswagon Eyes on the Road

This is a good way to get the message over to people. Notice they are all young! But humans are just so hard to get through to. When an accident happens it is too late to say," oops I didn't mean to do it". Remember others will be killed in the car too, or a car coming the opposite way might be hit and innocent people will be killed or injured too., Selfish acts of not thinking and being mindful, have a massive flow on effect beyond what the individual thinks. Think before you text, before you drive!

I myself have to live with injuries caused by a young driver hitting my fathers car when I was 19. I am one of the luck ones. I have a cousin and 2 aunts that almost died because of other's lack of care on the road too. Their injuries were much worse than mine. Please take on board the message being conveyed in this video. You might like to read my post, Grief from a psychic perspective too, I had never felt such gut wrenching anguish, and I would never wish it on any one, that loses a loved one .