Monday, 22 April 2019

The Unknown Soldier ANZAC Day 2019

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Funny how the powers that be crap on our service men and women but make a shit load of money in war. Who's bloody interest do they have in mind? ain't ours!

My father and father in law saw military action as did most people their generations. All for what? For their homelands to be  turned in to a shit hole and their sacrifices and lives meaningless.

Think about what you are allowing to happen to your homeland, it matters not whom you vote for because they are all greedy evil bastards that will sell you out in a heartbeat, and the snowflakes will sit back and let them.  Our service personnel were lied to from the get go in every war you care to mention and then chucked on the scrap heap of life.

Is this how we thank them and let the politicians get away with this?  This could be your loved ones one day. What will you say to them when they get screwed over?

Are they not worthy of love, compassion and respect? Are they not worth fighting for? What we do by inaction speaks volumes and the karma train is bulging with overdue repayments that Joe Public owes these men and women.

The government owes these men and women and their loved ones for the service done and the misery they all have to live with. Do not allow your government to walk away from their responsibility, make them own it and do the right and honourable thing by these people.

It is time the government stopped pissing on our service people and walking away from the suffering they cause. The public do not cause wars, greedy psychopathic businessmen, bankers and governments cause wars and use you and I to do the dirty work, without us they can do nothing.

So who benefits from this I ask you? It ain't us. But we all must show solidarity to all service people past, present and future.