Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Peripheral Neuropathy 10 Things You Need to Know

A very interesting read. Diet is the key to most health issues, however give the vegan diet the flick. It causes more harm than good.  Peripheral neuropathy is part of fibromyalgia and it is hell to live with.

The term fibromyalgia is a broad term name for peripheral neuropathy and other symptoms. The modern one size fits all label for a vast range of health issues in relation to the autoimmune system and central nervous system and corelated  problems.

Now as for diet, please be aware there is a political agenda to push a vegan diet on the general population it in no way is beneficial to peripheral  neuropathy or fibromyalgia. Politics has no place in our eating habits and this should not be tolerated. I would like the medical fraternity to speak out loudly against  this insane agenda because  it is a dangerous and destructive agenda.

Be careful of what information is being put out to the public. A proper vegan diet is very expensive and not in the proper affordable price range of low to middle income earners.  It is part of the dumbing down process and making the masses docile and unable to think rationally. It also has a sort of communist ideology which is part of the programming which itself should be setting off alarm bells.

Pay attention to all the students these days that are jumping on the vegan bandwagon, especially at university level. This is where much indoctrination takes place. Young malleable minds ripe for the picking. Parents need to watch their children if they are students and take note of the changes in their ideology for warning signs. These young people are being reprogrammed and I have witnessed this myself over the past 30 years and the programming of our youth is ramping up at present.

Watch how militant they are becoming to normal mainstream views and eating habits. Not a pleasant thing to deal with or to correct them before psychological and emotional harm is done.

Nothing is really organic these days either, look at what is being sprayed from the skies for the past 20 years. Not to mention the harm to the brain that is done. I have read veganism can harm our mental health so please keep that in mind, no pun intended. Please do some research on this for yourselves.

I spoke to my neurologist today ( regarding treating my Fibromyalgia)  about veganism and he also confirmed a vegan diet does harm the brain. So there you have it.

Your dietary choice is a personal decision, to become a vegan or vegetarian and the person has the right to do it, but also the right to change their mind. A vegan diet should not be forced on to children nor animals, that is abuse.  There is a major difference between being  vegetarian and a vegan especially from a health aspect. No doctor will recommend a vegan diet for a child either.

You have to ask yourself why this sudden aggressive push by the powers that be and mainstream media, why now especially. I have read various websites warning of this push a few years ago and here it is started. Obviously some of these website owners have the ear of some important individuals that want this information mainstream in advance. That is downright creepy when you think about it and highly disturbing.

I am a vegetarian of 12 years now for spiritual reasons, but I was questioning it recently for health  reasons. Not sure where I am going with it yet. But I have several health issues and chronic pain 24/7 to make me re-evaluate my diet even though my neurologist says a vegetarian diet is ok and healthy he recommended adding fish. Not sure if I will though at this stage, not to mention the polluted oceans and rivers to weigh up for toxicity entering the food chain.

One thing the doctor did say was eating meat or not there was no conclusive evidence to say eating meat helps repair the peripheral neuropathy. So the jury is out on that unless one experiments with their diet.

So one has to do what feels right and also listen to your doctors advice too. A naturopath also if it is within your means. Remember the freewill thing too and do not have your rights to eat meat or be vegetarian trampled by some political agenda. It is your body and no one else's business.

The above link says meat and fish are helpful, but again there is no conclusive proof. Rule of the thumb is eat what is healthy and it is no one else's business to dictate to you what you should eat.

So much for a free will universe, which is actually a new age trap (crap), because free will gets violated and manipulated constantly in our world. We do not honestly have such a thing as destiny or free will, it's basically an exercise in  futility. When you read up on real metaphysics you will see that.