Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Card Of The Month. May, The Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups or Chalice points of note are, cups represent  the element water the star sign of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. The cardinal point is west.  The fixed sign is Leo. The season is spring in the northern hemisphere or autumn in the southern hemisphere, March, April and May.

The cups relate to emotional force,intuition, intimacy and love.  

So given this month of May is covered in the card meaning it was a surprise to me that I actually drew the card. Now as with any deck of Tarot cards they are open to interpretation whether it be the Ryder Waite Smith  deck or any other. Some readers will see things in the cards that may not be apparent to even an expert. This is due to the multi layered meanings that can be put on the cards by occultists and depending on their level of knowledge and initiation.

Some will put Christian interpretations on to the cards and some pagan etc, some even dark meanings. All are correct, it is what the reader is aware of in learning their craft. 
I will give the information that I am aware of  and also what my  research has pointed to.

Stating with the grey back ground the colour gray is for spiritual energy. Notice even the cloud from which the hand emerges is gray. The hand is supposedly the hand of God or spirit.  The Dove is seen as a Christian symbol, however it is also alluding to the goddess Isis (Semiramis)  also Venus/ Aphrodite this I take as dark energy after all they are all one and the same. 

Now when others put a Christian slant on this, they neglect to tell us that Lucifer is the God of this earth. Which is a well documented fact conveniently ignored by mainstream religions. And that is only one of the reasons that we will never have peace on this earth. 

You will notice the cup is in the right hand, which signifies male energy and to receive/credit, the left hand is feminine and also to take/debit/ negative. All five fingers of the hand are displayed alluding to the cup of five blessings in the Talmud. Five is also the number for man.This hand through the cloud implies a gift from god (keep in mind what I have just said about who the god of this Earth is). That cloud can also be seen as the veil of amnesia.

The dove above the cup is holding a communion wafer with the mark of the cross, symbolising Christ on the cross ( the cross has several meanings,the four cardinal points, the sun and the moon, the four seasons,  astrological position of the stellar grand cross, spirit/ god over man etc). The line of the cross going vertical is spirit  (whether us incarnating or god ) descending into the physical and the horizontal line is matter or the physical world.  Again this is not exactly what people are lead to believe.

 The standard line is the communion wafer is the body of Christ. In fact it is part of an occult blood ritual that was incorporated into Christianity. Drinking wine is the blood of Christ and eating the wafer is consuming human flesh. Now that itself should make alarm bells ring, it is cannibalism and Satanism which again is still practiced to this day.

As I said this interpretation is full of conventional and dark meanings, the reason why I am adding it in is, this world of ours is inverted and people need to understand the realities not being fed sugar coated and  unicorns and rainbows garbage.

The dove again harks back to ancient times and I would say to solar (death) cults of Egypt and Mesopotamia. which are still in practice today. Arthur Waite when discussing the Dove in the Ace of Cups mentions a link to a Columbarium or a Dove House which is a place where funeral urns are stored....nice..NOT!

Hardly the sort of symbol that should be put in cards for positive divination. But then there is the aspect of death and rebirth meaning to this also. I still find it creepy.  The Dove supposedly blesses us with supernatural powers. The dove  also represents grace. But here again that is the human beings natural state prior to the "fall"  read spiritually dumbed down by the demiurge.

 Human beings were originally highly spiritual and evolved beings that had been altered by a "superior" species. We do not belong in mass and matter.

This is a veiled message to say spirit has descended into lower worlds, the third dimension.  

The cup filled with water, both the cup and the water represent the soul. Water holds energy remember. Humans have about 60% water in their  make up. The cup alludes to the holy grail, the womb and feminine energies. It is also the womb of Mother Mary, the seat of all creation and the manifestation of love. The bride of Christ, and even alchemy. There are so many meanings here that we can be side tracked and go into a huge subject. But I am trying to keep this article more contained.

Water represents consciousness and the psychic side of man. Notice again the 5 streams of water pouring from the cup or chalice (holy grail). The number 5 relates not just to man but the planet Mercury (communication) there are 5 elements including aether or spirit. 5 streams of water allude to blood (the blood of man, blood rituals, alchemy, the black arts.

Linking the water and the cup or chalice again we could say flowing water is the water of life, blood. Blood in the chalice can be seen as the following spiritual alchemy, DNA and creating man  the cup being a vessel whether the womb or cervix and the genetic creation of man by the demiurge with knowledge of DNA and genetic engineering which was unknown when the Tarot cards were originally created. RWS Tarot are modern , there are older variations of the tarot that go back Thousands of years to ancient Egypt and other lands.

 The mythology is handed down by initiates over centuries with the real deep information still not available to the public including myself. But the knowledge of creation on an actual creation level was there for those that understood. 

The dew drops on the card are to do with the Kabbalah  26 in all in the form of the Hebrew word Yod. I do not get into the kabbalah, so I will leave that there.

These drops of dew or water though can be seen as the divine spark or soul fire. Vital to our existence as pure spirit, we are all soul fire composition from a primary source.
The water at the bottom of the card seeks to unify with the waters from above. Think as above so is below. R A Waite stated the water  or dew droplets are light coagulated  and made physical. In other words spirit brought down  to the third dimension and made physical. That is your fall of man.
There is so much psychology, mythology and illusion invested in the Tarot deck that under the microscope of the 21st Century and awakened souls that can see the disinformation in the Tarot about human enslavement. But to the average Tarot reader is escapes their notice, but not mine.

The big question about this Tarot card is the meaning of the M or is it a W, many experts argue about its meaning. My take is Mithra. By the way Mithra is also male/female through our ancient teachings.
Some say the M is for mother Mary. The waters of life is an other meaning resting or incubating in the great womb of the universe.Mercury the winged messenger bringing forth a message like the Archangel Gabriel.  I would venture to add alchemy to the mix. 
 No one has the correct answer but all may be correct depending on who is reading the card and in any random reason. 

As for the month of May, this is a month for change. We have the federal elections in Australia on the 18th of May. In personal relationships expect changes. That could be a renewed cycle for  a relatioship and an oppotuunity for change.