Thursday, 4 April 2019

Imposter Syndrome, How To Silence Your Inner Critict ABC News-Facebook_Organic&WT.tsrc=Facebook_Organic&sf208771395=1

This is what is known as a parasitic host. Non physical onto-energetic beings. They incarnate with us ( implanted at etheric level). Some may think of it as our ego. However this is a  parasite, which  constantly tries to bring us down. There are subtle ways to recognise it, but we should not answer this  inner-critic, that is what it wants. To create confusion and also feed from our emotions.

Ignore it and dis-empower it, no it is not easy but it can be done over a long period  of time. For a start a strong aura or etheric field is needed including a strong but grounded sense of self. Next get into a habit of meditating, not to reach outwards, no one must go within, through the heart to reach to ones higher-self. That knowingness this is what we must communicate with , nothing else. Anything else is not you and is an unwanted intrusion.

Eventually you will notice a calmness and your mind will become quieter. This is when you will notice the parasite has left you. It is surprising that mainstream religion does not teach us this is it not. The philosophy of mainstream religion us to submit to them and give away your power.

Who's interest does that serve?

(PS: Sorry about the late post, I had accidentally left this in draft)