Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Chronicles of Ruby

Chronicles of Ruby... Yesterday was the day from hell Ruby was as manic as they come. Form when she got up she was bouncing off the walls, barking and doing what silly Jack Russell's do. She knew that I had clients to see and she wasn't having any of that. She found every flaming thing in the house, that she is not allowed to have, and sunk her teeth into them. She shot under the bed with her treasures. So that mummy had to grab a doggy chocolate and get on all fours and ch...uck the doggy chocolates under the bed. Then she gave me back the stolen item. Every time the phone rang she pulled this stunt too. I have never seen such a little minx as our Ruby. Neither of our other dogs did any of the stuff that she gets up to. Today we started going down that path again, grrr! I just hope to God that she stops this soon. She will be 2 at the weekend, and I can't keep up with her antics. She is very cute and loveable but by God she pushes my buttons.
Today she has been chasing the chooks in the rain and barking her head off at them. Then comes in doors and goes straight for the cats. Lock up the remotes too, and anything that she can grab. Lol. It is like having a human 2 year old in the house. Mind you they don't smell like wet dog.

Sitting here next to me on the printer, is one very smelly and wet little dog. Looking out the window to see what is going on  out the front that she might take offence too. No birds, cats  or dogs shall pass. A bit like the Monty Python Holy Grail, none shall pass. I can see it is going to be a long week if the rain and cold keeps up. How to entertain a small hyperactive dog when trying to get your work done Hmmm!