Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Prayers needed for my father

Can I please ask for prayers and healing to assist my Dad? My Dad had a stroke last week, it was a mild one, however, there are other complications. Surgery is required and I would be most grateful for healing and prayers for my Dad, thank you so much.

I have asked my healing guide, the lovely Anna, as I call her and Dr Arthur. D. F. Gillespie, ( known and Don) who was a very well respected doctor here in Canberra. I first met Dr Gillespie (in spirit), when my father was doing spiritual healing on me 8 or 9 years ago. I had no idea who Dr Gillespie was until I met a friend of mine for the first time, that lived in his old house in Queanbeyan NSW.

As soon as I went into the house I met him formally, and other spirit beings that lived there too.
It is a lovely house and full of warm loving spirit people. They just go on as if they are still in the here and now.  I feel very blessed to be given the honour and privilege to  work with Anna and Dr Gillespie in my capacity as a spiritual healer. Dr Gillespie's name seems to be sacred within the Canberra and Queanbeyan community.  Dr Gillespie passed away peacefully at his home in 2004.
I have no idea why the hell he picked me to work with. He just turned up in my house, as my dad was doing healing on me. The funny bit was, my Jack Russell, Sparky jumped up onto the massage table when my dad was giving me spiritual healing. I relayed to my dad what, Dr Gillespie said to the nurse that was working with him. He shouted ." The sight has been contaminated, we will have to start again".   It is not every day that a dog gets in on a medical procedure lol. But that's a Jack Russell for you!

Doctor Gillespie's sons and daughters all followed him into the medical profession. The sons became doctors and the daughters became nurses. I am sure they would be pleased to know their father is still working away on the other side of life and assisting the people on this side of life too. That is amazing when you stop and think about it. Nothing goes to waste with spirit, I can assure you.
I must add that I was stunned to see a picture of one of Dr Gillespie's sons on the net. He is the spitting image of his father. When I see old Dr Gillespie he only looks like he is in his late 50's.

I am eternally grateful to Anna and Dr Gillespie and to the medical personnel that are caring for my Dad. A special and heart felt thanks to my step mum June. Without her love I don't think my Dad would be here now. She is a wonderful woman and a wonderful wife to my Dad. God bless you June. XXX

Update. Dad is now out of surgery and is holding his own so to speak. He still has to face more surgery when the doctors think he is ready.

Doctor Gillespie thanks for letting me hang out with you to do healing, You too Anna, you rock XXX