Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Subversion tactics


Common sense to see what is going on,  and too bloody easy to do. I can not stand tv these days.
Many women that I know over the age of 40 are the same. It its targeting the young. They don't all have the ability to figure this out. There is a lack of social cohesion in the western world, it was so easy to do, like I said the young people are the primary target in all of this. If they do not have a strong family unit this is what happens. Hell, it is so bloody obvious, blind Freddy can see this one coming and what the end result will be.

Families that stay together will survive and be strong, those that go down the path of destruction only go down the path that the government set out for them, their kids end up as wards of the state, and passed around like currency by the abusers that set the whole evil system up in the first place. YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE! So make it count. Think of your children and grand children, your actions decide their future folks. Just keep that in mind. Some animals have better lives than some children.