Saturday, 3 May 2014

SIDS and Kids Psychic Fair

What can I say the SIDS  and Kids Psychic Fair is a run away success. We were so booked out for readings today. All the readers were all booked out on Saturday alone. Sunday was mostly booked out by Saturday afternoon. Not many spots left. So get in quick and phone Fiona for a placement ASAP.

We have never been so busy in the years that I have been doing Fairs with Fiona. It is wonderful to see so many happy people. It is just a pleasure to meet every one that walks through the door. Not one frown. The stall holders are as always so pleased to satisfy the eager shoppers with their ever so tempting goodies. I bought 3 rings early this morning. I am such a naughty thing, I can't stop myself.
I bought lovely soft pink and purple stones, as I wear these colours most of the time. The jewellery is great value for money and no one else will have the same as you. Each one is hand made and is a one off. These rings are not expensive and are pure sterling silver and matching earrings, bracelets and pendants. So come on ladies come on over tomorrow or you will miss out until spring time, when the show is on again.

B there of B Square :)

UPDATE: So far there have been over 500 views on the SIDS and Kids post. I wish to thank every one of you for reading this, and those that were able to attend the event. I wish to say thank you on behalf of Fiona Vanderhook and her family and friends that made all of this possible.

Fiona and all of her family put their hearts and souls into this and worked very hard, to make this event happen. I am amazed at the energy and time that Fiona and her family put into this. Blessings and lots of love to you and your amazing family Fiona XXX