Friday, 23 May 2014


This is heart warming, I cried watching this. I can not watch anything to do with suffering in any way shape or form. There are many videos made about rescuing these beautiful dogs on YT. So have a look and get on board with helping please. You can do that in many ways, by not buying products that were tested on animals,. donating money to the groups that help these animals, adopting a dog , cat or any other lab test animal. There are many options.

I have decided last Christmas to do regular donations to local animal charities as they do not keep the money like the human ones, they will spend it on vet bills, pet food, beds and blankets etc. Not one cent is wasted. I only donate clothes to the Salvation army or other charities, if I cant find some one who fits the clothes. Sometimes there are too many clothes in the charity shops, so the end up at the tip or get cut up and used for rags. many people are not aware of this fact. I talk to people in the charity industry regular so that is how I know.

But many people forget about the needs of animals, even people on welfare, their fur babies are important too and they also need help to cover medical bills and buy food for their fur babies too. There should be a fund run via vet clinics to assist those on low incomes or homeless people that have fur babies.  Have a heart people and help out where it is needed please.