Friday, 30 May 2014

Black Seed Oil

Please read up on Black seed oil. It tastes like poop, but it will kill anything nasty. Similar to using Olive leaf extract. The taste reminds me of petrol YUK. Just as well I don't start running around the house, vroom!

Just like the joke about the cat with the drop of petrol on it's nose lol.

I was over to do some things for her to help her get ready for next week, went to the freezer to get some ice for a glass of diet coke, and there was her cat. Its a chest freezer, the kind that you lift open horizontally, not the kind on top of a fridge. Her cat was in there! I cannot believe this. I grabbed the poor cat - he wasn't stiff, but he wasn't moving or anything. She said to lay him on the table and go to the back porch and get the gas can. WTF? I mean, I was broken hearted by this point - I love animals, with a special spot for cats, and this one was one I knew well. Damn it! I went and got the gas and she said to drop a few drops in its mouth. I had to open his mouth and drop gasoline (!) in it. I did it, what else was I going to do? Nothing. I was shaking. He sniffed and then his eyes started to dart around. He jumped up, looked at both of us, and then darted off the table into the living room. Felt like the Twilight Zone. I ran after him, as did my grandmother. He stood in the middle of the living room floor for a minute and then just dropped. WTF?! I looked at my grandma. I asked her what now, is the cat gone or what? She said "no, he's not gone, he just ran out of gas."

Not the original version that I heard, it was a spot of petrol on a rag on the cats nose. LOL