Friday, 23 May 2014

Kenneling: This Practice May Cause Mental Illness in Dogs

Kenneling: This Practice May Cause Mental Illness in Dogs

It is common sense to have the dog in a proper environment, not caged up. What the hell do they expect? Look how many decades it has taken to work out this, Pffft. Anyone that love animals deeply knows this.
How many thousand dogs have suffered because of human ignorance and arrogance?

If you have a dog and he/she is unable to go on holiday with you, get a pet sitter to live in your house with fido.  Best to have some one that the dog knows to keep him company. I strongly disagree with kennels and even dogs being left out doors all their lives. They are pack animals like humans and need to be with the family. Not shut out side. That affects them mentally and emotionally too.
How hard is it for humans to understand this? I have seen this all my life when visiting people that have outside dogs. It makes me feel so sad. The poor dog is desperate for companionship and any attention will do.

Humans have a lot to answer to when it comes to animals. I have more time for animals than I do for humans. Humans are selfish, arrogant and do not stop to think about the rights of other beings on this earth. It is all about Humans. No other species could be so arrogant and ignorant.
I love animals dearly and make sure that my fur babies have a good loving and safe home. They have their own beds, toys, food and water dishes. Their own blankets, and all the things that their human parents can give them especially love. They have full run of the house. The cats also have a huge cat run and Ruby has the garden. Our chickens have a huge run to keep them safe too. They have a warm house to shelter in also.

Please stop and think about the animals, they do have feelings and deep emotion just like us. They do love deeply and feel pain just like we do.