Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Olive Leaf Extract

I came across Olive Leaf Extract a few years ago during a visit to my Naturopath. I have finally gotten around to telling everyone how good this stuff is. The liquid stuff tastes like something you don't want to step in, if you know what I mean, lol. It does thankfully come in capsule form too. For those that just can't bring themselves to take a 20ml drop 3 times a day I do recommend the capsules.

Olive Leaf extract or Olea Europaea as it is known in its botanical name has many wonderful qualities. This wonder herb has been around since ancient Egyptian times. It was looked upon as having sacred powers.
It has always been used in Europe and it is now being used world wide.

The reason it is such a wonder drug or herb is due to it's Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral and Anti-fungal  qualities.
It is best purchased through a Naturopath, as the over the counter stuff you buy in a store is not as strong as the stuff sold by a licenced Naturopath. You can not over dose on this stuff so don't worry about that.
Some herbal medicines can be harmful if used the wrong way. Always stick to the instructions set out by your health care provider.

Below is a list of conditions that Olive Leaf extract may help with. But Do go and seek  help of your Naturopath prior to taking this. I am not a doctor, and I do not recommend self diagnosis as that would be down right irresponsible and most un-professional of me to do so.

Bladder infection
Chicken pox
cold sores - Herpes simplex I
Strep B
Cold/ or Flu
All forms of Worms
Urinary tract infection
Yeast infections

There are many more uses for Olive leaf extract that could be listed but I don't want to be here all day. You can Google for information or pick up a little booklet in a health food store. The little book that I have it written by Jack Ritchardson ND. It is published by Woodland Publishing, ISBN number 1 86514 095 5.
the book was published in Australia. 
Some parts of America may not allow this herbal medicine due to government intervention in the health care industry. You will need to check out what is for sale in your state. There are many other natural remedies on the market. But please remember that the over the counter medicines are not usually as powerful or effective as the licenced medicines that you can obtain via a professional health care provider.

With the cost of health care sky rocketing it is vital that people eat healthy home made food. Avoid take away food and deep fried foods as much as possible. They should only be used as a treat now and again not several times per week.

The recommended dose for Olive leaf extract is 20ml of the liquid 3 times a day or one 500mg Capsule 2 or 3 times per day. For severe  Sinus, Flu and basic raspatory infections, the recommended dose is 2 500mg capsules every 6 hours.
The only side effect of this medicine is the die off effect. That means the killing off of the yeast/fungus or other nasties in your system, which may cause head aches, fatigue etc. If you experience that , just cut the dose by half or discontinue for 3 days, then start again on a reduced dose. Always talk to your Naturopath / health care provider about the dosage that you are taking and report any unusual symptoms. That goes for any medication that you are taking.
Of all the current research going on there seems to be no danger with this medication, it does improve and strengthen the immune system and fights microbes and infections.
It is best taken before eating meals. On that note let me just say, Ewww,  it tastes awful. I am currently taking this stuff as I have a cold one other family member is using the capsules. I guess I shall have to swap over to them when I have used up the other 500ml bottle of yuky stuff.
Here in Australia the bottle retails for $35 to $40 for 500ml. The capsules retail for between $38.95 to $45.95.
I still recommend Garlic to keep away viruses and other nasties. Back in the 1980's Kyolic Garlic was all the rage. It is still important to use Garlic in cooking as  it is a blood purifier and is good for the heart.

Blessings and light to all