Friday, 29 April 2011

Got the Garden bug?

Today I managed a little bit of time in my front yard. I had the urge to plant bulbs for spring. So I went out to the shops and bought some good old King Alfred Daffodils and  some Snowdrops. They are just perfect to mass plant under trees. So off I went into the front yard to have some fun. I lose all track of time when I get into a garden. I am such a big kid really.

I have 3 Elm trees and 3 Prunus  trees (Ornamental Plumbs) 1 Chinese Pistachio tree and a young Pittosporum.  The Elms have Hellebore's planted under them in various colours and I already had some Snowdrops. So I   had to keep the balance and needed to plant more Snowdrops. Then just a few Daffie's randomly planted to add something fragrant and pretty. These bulbs can be left in the ground for many years.
So I can enjoy heaps more growing over the years.

Ideally I would love the look of a magical  woodland for my front yard. Gardens are always a work in progress though. So who knows maybe one day It might just get the look that I am trying to create.
It would be nice to have garden ornaments there too but thieves would just knock them off. What a shame.
Still the back yard is getting a wonderful look happening as I write this post. I spend more time in the back garden than the front. I like it being private. My shrubs in the front yard are still young so I don't have a proper hedge row happening yet. Eventually I shall have a very nice evergreen hedge row of Viburnums and Photinia.
When I start naming all my plants and shrubs, I suddenly realise that I have quite a variety. I haven't even mentioned the lavender's, Choicia   or Spirea (double flowering May), Nerines and my little carpet roses etc and that is only in my front yard. Not that I am obsessive with my garden or anything lol.
I was once told by an old friend that when one gets the "gardening bug", that's it you are a dedicated gardener for life. I am very happy to say that it is true. What a wonderful way to pass the time.   There are some truly beautiful gardens in and around Canberra. We are a city of gardeners. Australia was named a few years ago as one of the biggest nations of gardeners. Not surprising with our weather.