Thursday, 28 April 2011

Kabbalist Doctrine Explains World Events

Have a read at this. I have intuitively never liked the Kabbalah myself, I have never really had the time to research why though, as I have so much to do in my every day life as a wife and mother etc etc etc. Annnnnnnd all my pets ).

Update: My advice to all, is stay right away from the Kabbalah, it is satanic and the high level initiates pray to Lucifer the light bearer.  Give this the flick for your own good please.

 All is not well and never has been with this practice. Bad things can come your way once you go down this path and can wreck havoc on your life literally. It does not at all surprise me that Freemasonry is based on this. Most Freemasons  in low ranks are not fully aware of this. But up at the very top things are very different. It is very dark indeed, why else would you see the likes of G W Bush involved? Like I say the average person in the Masons is good at heart. They do have a veiled threat over their heads not to divulge anything too on pain of death.

One friend of mine has had their life turned upside down. To the point of being in fear for their safety due to dabbling with the Kabbalah. I don't think the penny has fully dropped because my friend still studies this occult lifestyle. My friend just puts it down to evil Archons. Of course archons are involved, they work in tandem, with the group that gave this curse to humanity.